Smart people invest in their own knowledge and learning

Tell me, where would you rather envision yourself in five years?

A) Making consistent book sales but forking out 1 - 3k of your earnings for someone to market your book... per month.

B) Making consistent book sales by having systems and strategies in place, and keeping the profits of every sale you make

The average author makes 2 - 4k per book in their entire lifetime. 

Which means hiring a book marketer is barely going to pay for itself. 

In fact, you'll hardly earn back anything-- what's the point of publishing if every dollar you earn goes into getting those dollars made? It just doesn't make sense.

So whats stopping you from learning how to market your own books?

  • I don't have time to learn how to market my book, or even go about doing it. 
  • I don't have the money / resources to invest in learning how to do it. 
  • It's too hard / confusing, and I'd rather just let someone else do it. 
  • I'm going to traditionally publish so I don't need to learn-- they'll just do it for me.

Time for some truth bombs 💣

  • With an effective marketing strategy and system in place, you won't need to invest a lot of time into it. 
  • If you don't have the money to invest in your own learning, you definitely won't have the money to pay someone else to do it. Book marketers charge thousands of dollars per month-- but my program is under 1k and it's a one time investment. 
  • I used to think book marketing was hard too, until I learned it properly-- which is why my program is step-by-step and teaches you one concept at a time. 
  • Traditional publishers don't have the budget to effectively market your book. If you want your book to succeed, you have to learn how to market it yourself. 

Is This Right For Me?

You're ready to...

  • Learn how to make smarter book marketing investments-- both financially and timewise.
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed by book marketing strategies.
  • Unlock and implement the secrets of social media marketing.

Are you ready to...

  • Sell books on autopilot and make passive income?
  • Create amazing book selling strategies and systems?
  • Launch your book successfully?

Here's some of what we'll cover...

1.) Mindset & Business 

2.) Branding & Mission 

We'll work on transforming your mindset from that of a writer, to that of a published author and badass biz owner. 

We'll dive deep into what your goals and aspirations are for writing and publishing, and use this to create your author branding and business foundation.

3.) Social Media & Online Presence

4.) Building Readership & Community

I'll help you to understand each social media platform and how to create a strong, online presence for yourself and for your book.

I'll teach you how to attract reader interest, engage your audience and build a community among your followers. 

5.) Small Business Systems & Strategies

6.) Content Curation & Publicity

I'll teach you how to implement and use the best small business systems to sell your books on autopilot (even while you sleep!)

I'll help you create amazing content to share with your audience and help you to build publicity and reputation.

BONUS: Strategy Revisions

Workbooks, resources & more...

I'll revise your strategy & offer professional feedback at the end of our time together. 

You'll recieve 12 workbooks to assist you in planning out your strategy, developing each part of your business foundation, and staying on track. 


Spots are limited and dependant on availability

Book your free, 30 minute session to find out when my next spot is available. We'll discuss your current struggles and figure out if we're a great fit to work together.


Hi, I'm Pagan— YA fiction author of The Ryan Rupert Series and The Starlight Chronicles Series. I'm a proud Hufflepuff, floral fanatic, cat lover, and I'm completely obsessed with all things entrepreneurial.  

Writing has always been a big part of my life— from the moment I first picked up a pen, to the moment submitted my first manuscript query in high school and got accepted, to the moment I self-published my debut novel. Cue my interest in social media + Kim Kardashian and bang— just like that, I became a living, breathing sponge who absorbed every scrap of knowledge there was about small business, book marketing strategies and publishing.  

Fast forward from my dreary waitressing gig to my internship at Pen Name Publishing, and that's where the magic happened. Paperback Kingdom was formed, and the rest is history. If you want the full story, head here, but just know that to date I've gone from:

Wasting $3,000 on a terrible editor and not having a clue how to market books, to...

  • Obtaining two creative writing degrees
  • Signing a book contract on two different occasions
  • Successfully self-publishing a book.  

I started Paperback Kingdom with the intention to carve a motivating, inspirational community that not only supports your writing dreams, but turns them into a reality and takes them beyond what you ever imagined. 


Three Pricing Plans:

Upfront Payment:

1 x payment of $880.00 AUD

Split Payment:

2 x payments of $440.00 AUD

Three Payments

3 x payments of $293.33 AUD



Book your 30 minute, free session, where I'll get to know you and see if we're a good fit.


Once a pricing plan is selected, I'll send you a welcome packet and we'll set up a reoccuring session slot for the duration of our time together.


I'll work with you over a 12 week period through 12 modules, and check in with you regularly to make sure you're on track. 


At the end of our time together, I'll review your strategy and offer some final pointers before you go out to implement it yourself. 


  • You're expecting instant, overnight results— it takes time to build an audience and implement a strategy.  
  • You're not willing to put in any work— my programs are for people who want to buckle down and learn the ropes, systems, and strategies that will enable them to build a solid business foundation for their books. You have to be willing to do the work and implement it yourself.  


Spots are limited and dependant on availability

Book your free, 30 minute session to find out when my next spot is available. We'll discuss your current struggles and figure out if we're a great fit to work together.