Let's sell your story!

👉 Wanna know how I landed a front page news feature for my self-published book?  

👉 Wanna know how I went from zero readership to bestselling author?  

👉 Wanna know how I get consistent email list signups?  

💥 It's all in the copywriting. 💥  

And copywriting is in EVERYTHING! 😱  

Copywriting can help you grow your readership, sell more books, and build a brand. Here's how it works:

(1) Choose from a single copywriting service, or a complete package

(2) Discuss your needs via a complimentary branding & strategy session

(3) Recieve your copy for endless use (plus up to 2 revisions if needed)

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Here's what I can do for you...

  • Personalised Media Kit Template 
  • Personalised Press Release Template 
  • Book Blurb 
  • Book Pitch 
  • Advertising Copy 
  • Social Media Bio 
  • Author Homepage Copy 
  • Book Page 
  • Website Page 
  • Opt-In Page 
  • Product Tripwire Page 
  • Sales Emails / Funnel Emails 
  • Author Bio 
  • Author About Page 
  • Product / Service Description  


The Storyseller Package 

Here's what nobody tells you about selling your book—it's not as easy as just hitting "publish" it and asking people to buy it. 

There is a strategy behind the way you write promotional material—if you don't grab your reader's attention in 0.5 seconds, they will move on. 

Can you really afford to risk that when you're running ads, investing into your book production, and hosting publicity events?  

Don't let a lack of engagement and interest put a damper on this exciting publishing milestone—set yourself up with my ultimate storyselling package (filled with the essentials for every newly published author) and prepare to attract readers like a magnet! 


Complete Press Kit (Valued at $350)  

  • 1 x Media Kit  
  • 1 x Press Release  
  • 1 x Press & Media Page  

Ever wondered how a book seemingly goes viral overnight? That's no coincidence—there's usually a street team working behind the scenes, and they are equipped with a professional book media kit. 

What about getting your book's release (plus any aligned events) featured in the media? You're gonna need a short and snappy press release for that!  

Plus, if you plan on making public appearances a big part of your promotion strategy, it's a good idea to have an official "Press & Media" page.  

Your publisher's publicist usually takes care of all this, but as a self-published author, you're gonna want a fully equipped press kit on hand to make mass promotion a whole lot smoother.  

Promotional Essentials Bundle (Valued at $499)

  • 1 x Book Pitch  
  • 1 x Book Blurb  
  • 3 x Advertising Copy  

So, someone has asked you, "what is your book about?", and you need to be able to summarize it, but also grab their attention, in just 60 seconds. Enter the book pitch—which is just like a logline and can be used as email openings, social media captions, and in press interviews.

Your book blurb is the second thing people look at (after the book cover)—and it will either make them open the book and start reading, or put the book back on the shelf. It has to count! 

And, of course, you can't rely on organic readership growth forever. When it's time to invest in ads (be them Facebook or Amazon), you want every cent to count. Scale and grow your readership with irresistible (and reusable) advertising copy!  

Total Value:


You Pay:


I'll Take The Storyseller Package

The Website Essentials Package 

Not having a website is a major red flag for customers when you're in business--so you want yours to count! 

There are three crucial pages your website must have, and with The Website Essentials Package, you'll recieve branded and engaging website copy for each of these pages which will: 

  • Hook your readers 
  • Drive them to other pages on your site (rather than away from the site) 
  • Capture more email leads 
  • Paint a clear picture of who you are and what type of books you write


Website Essentials Bundle (Valued at $500)  

  • 1 x Homepage Copy
  • 1 x Author About Page
  • Up to 5 x Book Pages  

Your homepage is the first page any new reader is going to see, and it needs to do three things:  

a) Explain who you are b) Explain what to expect c) Explain where to go next  

If you visitor is unclear about any of these three things, they will leave—so having an engaging and clear homepage is absolutely essential.  

Your about page is more than just your author bio (and yes, I'll write that for you too if you need it)—your about page is the second page visitors are most likely to go, so it needs to capture the essence of your author brand and then redirect visitors to other pages successfully.  

Finally, you want to have a page for your books—and depending on what you write, how many books you have, etc. you may need more than one to avoid mixed marketing messages for your readers.  

Total Value:


You Pay:


BONUS: Need an affordable website designer? 

Check out incredible author website designer Brittnay Wang!

The Boss Book Launch Package 

Email marketing is the #1 way to generate new leads and customers. 


You sure as heck want to be using email marketing to sell your books!

With The Boss Book Launch Package, you'll be able to create engaging sales and landing pages for:

  • Ad campaigns
  • Email sales funnels
  • Automated book launch campaigns  

(resulting in you making more book sales with less manual marketing!)


The Complete Storyseller Package (Valued at $849)  

  • 1 x Media Kit  
  • 1 x Press Release  
  • 1 x Press & Media Page
  • 1 x Book Pitch
  • 1 x Book Blurb  
  • 3 x Advertising Copy  

Because every book launchee needs to be able to promote themselves! 

BONUS: Sign up for Leadpages (my go-to software for sales and landing pages such as this one) and receive my pre-designed page templates for authors completely free.  

Email Marketing Bundle (Valued at $699)

  • 1 x Freebie Opt-In Page  
  • 1 x Upsell / Tripwire Page  
  • 8 x Sales Emails / Funnel Emails

On top of being able to promote your book like a boss, you'll also be able to sell books in your sleep using this email marketing bundle.  

Firstly, by setting up a freebie opt-in page, you'll be able to grow a massive email list of potential readers.  

Then, you'll be able to take them through a series of on-brand emails that will sell them your book, assist with your book launch campaign, and hook them on everything revolving around your author brand.  

(And, if you want to go super pro, you can aim to upsell readers on other books you may have using upsell and tripwire pages).  

Total Value:


You Pay:



2 x Revisions of everything included in your package / service

1 x (90 min) complimentary branding & strategy session (+ worksheet) 

1 x Recommended Resources Sheet (full of copywriting tips + website layout tips)  

Access to my ever-growing list of media outlets, book bloggers & more

What People Are Saying…

“I rewrote my copy for my book more times than I can count with little results. By the time I worked with Pagan, I was very frustrated by it. 

After working with her, my copy sounds infinitely better, to the point where I’m actually excited and confident about it, and my ads have started converting a lot better. 

I would recommend her to any author I know. It’s worth it to actually feel like you’re connecting with readers and that maybe they’re as excited about your book as you are!”

– Allison Rose, author of The Nameless

“I always knew that my website copy could be better, but I had no idea where to start and found the idea of researching best practices and creating everything myself too stressful. 

When I heard Pagan was going to offer these services, I jumped on the chance. With her help, I am now presenting my book and brand more professionally, and even better – getting more conversions! 

I can’t wait to see the long-term effects that engaging and tailored copywriting will do for my sales.”

– Rebecca K. Sampson, author of Ember Dragon Daughter

“Pagan is great at what she does. She’s fun, knowledgeable, and very down to Earth. 

I had a rambling description of my novel’s plot and theme and she turned it into a book blurb that took my breath away. Seeing it so well written and professional sounding really brought my book to life for me–I realized that publishing could become a reality. 

Pagan helped me along the way, providing insight and guiding me through an entire launch plan and branding strategy. I 100% recommend her services to any and everyone–no matter their stage in their writing journey.”

– Jo Narayan, paranormal author of The Wraith

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I want to implement marketing funnels, email newsletters and email opt-ins using your copywriting services, but I've never done this before and I don't know how. Can you teach me?

Not a problem! For a small add on fee ($50.00 USD) I will conduct a two hour session with you dedicated to teaching you how to do all of this for yourself! It’s important that we chat together first because different website hosting programs / email programs and platforms have different set-ups and every author has their own preferences–I need to know what you feel comfortable using before I can teach you. 😊

I don't have a website--can I still order copy from you?

Of course! In fact, I recommend it because then you have the actual website copy ready to load onto the website while it’s being designed! I will deliver all the copy in a separate document–so you can update and upload it any time, to any place.

Can you build my website for me?

Unfortunately, no–I don’t quite have the skillset or resources to do that effectively. However, I highly recommend checking out Brittany Wang, as she is an afforable website designer who specialises in websites for authors. 

What about a sales page?

Again, no–but I can give you a template that I use for all of my own sales pages. I use a program called Leadpages which allows me to integrate and build mailing lists, pop-up opt ins, sales pages, and even simplified drag-and-drop websites! I highly recommend it, and if you’re willing to invest in that program, I’ll send you my Leadpages sales page template completely free. 😉

Do you have payment plans?

Yes! Get in touch with me and we can talk about what would be best for you.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of this service, I don't--but you get 2 x revisions on everything you recieve (so there's very little chance you'll come out of this unhappy with the final delivery 😊).

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