Stop Hiding: It's Time To Unlock Your Authenticity

It's no secret that social media is a powerful book marketing tool, but I also know that many authors would rather hit delete and start their manuscripts from scratch than post on any platform. 🙈

Can you relate? 👉 Maybe you're afraid of saying the wrong thing. 👉 Maybe you're scared of looking stupid and creating an embarrassing situation for yourself. 👉 Maybe you don't think you're interesting enough to have anything of value to share. 

I totally get it—being the laughing stock of the limelight is never fun. 🙄 

  • But listen, I know how to avoid this, and you can do it to! Imagine posting to social media and actually seeing results—abundant likes, comments and shares. Imagine sharing meaningful content that lights you up and you're excited to post!

Because here's the thing… you can't spend your life afraid to do something because it might look silly or feel daunting. At some point, you have to decide if it's worth the results and take that leap. 🏃‍♂️  

I can promise you that using social media pays off in a BIG way—it's a cost-effective method to reach your readers and build a massive audience for your books.  

😥 I know that right now, everything you create for social media feels too salesy and inauthentic.  

😪 You're not quite sure what to post or how to post it, and it feels silly because barely anyone is engaging with it. 

😭 You're on the verge of giving up completely.  

What if I told you the way to counter this was to have better copy in your captions? 🤫

Now, I know what you're thinking…

"Pagan, I don't even know how to write good copy! How is this meant to help me?"  

But it doesn't have to be difficult! In fact, it can be as easy as just being yourself:  

👉 Sharing personal stories from your every day life.  

👉 Using the same language you use with your friends and family.  

👉 Having a clear goal in mind and asking your audience to take that exact action.  

👉 Speaking on topics you're truly passionate about.  

👉 Not hiding behind a persona, but showing your true self—quirks and all. 

People connect with real people—they can sense when you're being fake or forcing it. So the best way to break through the bubble and truly connect with your readers is to embrace who you really are. 

Introducing: "Unlock Your Authenticity"

A deep dive copywriting & coaching package for authors who are struggling to define their author brand voice and create an engaging online presence.

1️⃣ Step One: Through a powerful 2-hour coaching session, we will uncover: 

⭐️ Your author brand story—so that we can clearly define the purpose and message behind your writing (and ensure all your marketing content aligns with it). ⭐️ Your true personality—and explore how you can share it online with your audience in an easy way (no more inauthentic posts or moments of hesitation). ⭐️ Your soulmate reader—so that you know exactly who you're aiming to attract and how to talk to them (with the smoothness of a wingman hitting up your crush).  

2️⃣ Step Two: I'll set you up with (10 x) pieces of on-brand copy content:  

These posts will consist of exactly what you need for your personal sales strategy as determined by our coaching session.

👍 Instagram? Sorted.  

😍 Emails? Irresistibly openable. 

😉 Website? Your new favourite hangout!  

(And, I'll make sure you have customised copywriting formulas on hand to help you DIY it moving forward!)  

What others are saying...

“I rewrote my copy for my book more times than I can count with little results. By the time I worked with Pagan, I was very frustrated by it. After working with her, my copy sounds infinitely better, to the point where I’m actually excited and confident about it, and my ads have started converting a lot better. I would recommend her to any author I know. It’s worth it to actually feel like you’re connecting with readers and that maybe they’re as excited about your book as you are!” – Allison Rose, author of The Nameless  

“I always knew that my website copy could be better, but I had no idea where to start and found the idea of researching best practices and creating everything myself too stressful. When I heard Pagan was going to offer these services, I jumped on the chance. With her help, I am now presenting my book and brand more professionally, and even better – getting more conversions! I can’t wait to see the long-term effects that engaging and tailored copywriting will do for my sales.” – Rebecca K. Sampson, author of Ember Dragon Daughter  

“Pagan is great at what she does. She’s fun, knowledgeable, and very down to Earth. I had a rambling description of my novel’s plot and theme and she turned it into a book blurb that took my breath away. Seeing it so well written and professional sounding really brought my book to life for me–I realized that publishing could become a reality. Pagan helped me along the way, providing insight and guiding me through an entire launch plan and branding strategy. I 100% recommend her services to any and everyone–no matter their stage in their writing journey.” – Jo Narayan, paranormal author of The Wraith

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I don't have a website or use social media yet--can I still do this?

Of course! In fact, I recommend it because then you have the actual website copy ready to load onto the website while it’s being designed, and you can start your social media platforms from scratch in an engaging way. I will deliver all the copy in a separate document–so you can update and upload it any time, to any place.

Will this work for me?

I've yet to meet a client who hasn't been satisfied from working with me. I go above and beyond to ensure you are fully supported on your journey, and I will create additional resources for you if I feel that you need them.

How do I know if you're capable of nailing my brand voice?

During our coachin session, I will get to know you personally, and dig deep to really connect with your story and author brand direction before I get started. You’ll also get two revisions so if you get the first draft back and you hate it (#awkward 😢), I’ll pull out my thesaurus and we’ll look into majorly overhauling the language, layout and voice of the copy. 😉

Do you offer refunds? 

Due to the nature of this program, I don't offer refunds.