I have courses for book publishing, marketing, branding and more--check out the options below.

Storyseller Academy

My signature, self-paced book launching and marketing course teaching you self-publishing, launch strategy, author branding, as well as beginner and advanced book marketing methods.


Mini Trainings

Price: $111

Author Brand Mastery is your ultimate crash course to author branding.

If you've ever felt confused by the concept of branding, this class breaks it down into four easy parts so that you can build a strong, memorable brand that attracts ideal readership and opens doors to endless growth opportunities.

This class will teach you:

1) Why authors have personal brands as opposed to business brands.

2) How to navigate pen names, maintaining privacy, and multi-genre mixed marketing messages as a personal brand.

3) How to absolutely nail your branding foundations to create crystal clear messaging for industry professionals and readers alike.

4) The #1 thing that will set you apart from other author brands and help you stand out among thousands of other, aspiring authors.

Price: $111

The Traditional Publishing Mini Course is for people who want to traditionally publish.

Even with all the information out there, I still get asked questions every month about querying, agents, and how to spot a scam.

As someone who has signed with two different publishers on two different occasions, I know all the ins and outs, and in this two-part course I share it all:

Part One:

1) Is traditional publishing the right pathway for you? (Pros and cons)

2) How to query agents and publishers (and what makes the two different).

3) Where to find legitimate publishers and agents.

4) How to identify scams and hybrid publishers.

Part Two:

1) What to expect when you go the traditional publishing route.

2) What publishers are looking for in potential authors (+ a checklist of essential to-dos for brand new, aspiring authors, including things you don't even know you need to do)

3) The must-have materials your publisher is going to want from you.

4) How to write an irresistible query letter to capture your agent/editor's attention.

BONUS: Access to my swipe file of 100+ agents and publishers

Price: $222

The Book Sales Mini Bundle helps you to create consistent, reoccuring income through your author brand.

This three video bundle contains three trainings that I strategically recorded together to help you overcome mindset blocks, understand the marketing & launch process, and use Patreon to generate sustainable, reliable income from your books.

Training #1 | MINDSET TRAINING — tackling the most common limiting beliefs I see in new authors (such as self-doubt, fear of being salesy, self-sabotage and how to shift a ton of stuff that will allow for more cash flow)

Training #2 | SALES TRAINING — specifically teaching my 5 phase launch & marketing strategy so that you understand how to create a sales journey for readers and what to post at each stage of your launch.

Training #3 | PATREON TRAINING — teaching you how you can use Patreon to create reoccuring, predictable income and how to *actually* get people to join it and pay you.

Price: $333

The Mega Mindset Bundle helps you to create a success driven mindset for authorship.

This three video bundle contains three trainings that I've pulled from my other programs.

I believe mindset is foundational because it really sets you up for success on your author journey. If you've worked with me before, you know that I do share manifestation knowledge, but I encourage you to take it with grain of salt if it's not your thing.

The main takeaway I want is for you to be able to clear fears and doubts that may be causing you to self-sabotage right now, and get behind the belief that you will be wildly successful in authorship.

Training #1 | The "Basics" Training

In this training, I teach you some basic manifestation principles and show you how to clear limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from the success you desire.

This was recorded when I was first learning and exploring mindset and manifestation, so the teaching is quite raw and basic--perfect for beginners.

Training #2 | The "Manifestation" Training

I recorded this training a year after the first one to teach some more advanced principles on manifesting.

In this training, you'll discover how to have more faith in your goal, trust your gut, embody your bestselling author self, and open up to receive more in book sales.

Training #3 | The "Sales & CEO Embodiment" Training

This is a training I recorded for my mastermind, Author CEO Mastery, and it covers different topics that set you up for foundational success with your author brand.

You'll learn why belief is key to everything you do, how to dismantle limiting beliefs, how to expand your capacity to have and earn more, what to do when things are not working, and how to think much bigger in creating an author brand with real impact.

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