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So, you want to have your own biz?

There is a simple beauty in having your own business--a kind that goes deeper than making 6 figures, buying Michael Kors handbags and having the choice to work from home or the beach.  

It's having the freedom put yourself first--whether that be in taking time off when you need to, deciding how much money you want to make, or curating a schedule where you can hang out with your loved ones.

Creative Biz Academy is the ONLY program designed to teach aspiring creative biz owners in the book industry how to build a business + become their own boss.  

Why does that matter?  

Because the typical strategies taught by business coaches and entrepeneurs (such as the 'ladder-post' strategy and the 'FB Group' strategy) don't work for service providers in the book industry.  

What makes this program different is that I'm not teaching the 'typical strategies' most business coaches teach--you're getting aligned strategies for client attraction, lead generating and marketing your offers and services to fellow authors.

I love being my own boss because of the freedom it gives me. Now, it's your turn to set your own hours, spend long weekends away with your partner, and get paid for your skills and passions.  

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