So, you've decided the time has come.

You're absolutely, 100%, most definitely publishing your book in the next 12 months.

Nothing is gonna stop you...

...well, except maybe your lack of confidence, and the fact that it feels like your brain is all over the flipping place. 🙈

Yeah, I can relate to that feeling...

Launches can be stressful.

There's all this work involved, and what if it doesn't sell?

And then there's the motivation slumps--it's like some days you just can't seem to get out there and promote your upcoming release.

Oh, and then you miss a whole week of social media posts, and now you're behind, and you're suddenly wondering if you should just postpone the launch--again...

But to that I say yeah nah. ✋

(It's Australian for 'fuck no--I'm not letting that happen')

Because you can freaking do this!

And I get it, having someone to keep you motivated, accountable and double check all your launch steps along the way would be amazing...

But that would be asking too much, right?

Wrong. 😉

What if you had someone with you every step of the way...

...keeping you accountable and motivated...

...while providing all the tools you need to publish + launch?

That's exactly what my new program is all about!

You will literally get to launch with me--following the exact steps and strategies I used to become a bestselling author.

Maybe you've considered publishing your book before, but…  

  • No matter what you try, you just can't seem to build an audience to launch it to.  
  • You're afraid to mess this up--it is your debut novel after all.  
  • You feel like you don't know what to do.  
  • You're worried about what people will think if you fail.  
  • The whole process just feels overwhelming.

Because of the nature of this program, it is only launched once or twice a year around my own book launches. 

In the timeframe from when we start in January 2020, you will be given every step, strategy and support system needed to lay the foundation you need for a successful launch--no matter what book you're launching.

Just imagine:

  • Gaining the skills you need to publish, launch and market your books repeatedly.
  • Being able to hold your book in your hands and show people that you wrote and published it. 
  • Attracting an audience of soulmate readers before you've even launched.
  • Feeling like everything on your publishing and launching to-do list is manageable.
  • Feeling confident in your ability to sell--even if you're super introverted. 
  • Seeing your book in bookstores and on shelves with your favourite authors. 
  • Hearing your book get raved about and recommended by readers.
  • Being able to create amazing and effective book launch and marketing campaigns. 
  • Being invited to host your own author events and signings. 
  • Feeling comfortable pitching and promoting your books--and even enjoying it.

INTRODUCING: Everything Authorship

A 6-month group program for ambitious authors who want to launch with me, grow their brands and master book marketing!

OMG! Sign Me Up!

No matter if you're planning a short or long launch...

I launch books regularly enough that you will be able to join one of two groups and gain access to the strategies for my upcoming releases--one for a short launch and one for a long launch.

No matter if it's your first or third book...

If your past launches have disappointed you, you can still transform the results of your next release in this program. And, if it's your first book launch, you'll still learn all the publishing and launch steps from scratch!

No matter if you struggle with book promotion...

This is more than a program about publishing and launching--marketing is a key part of the process, which won't be overlooked. This program is designed to help you show up in a way you'll love doing, and you'll even get lifetime access to Storyseller Academy inclusive.

Let's take a look at what's included:

6 Months of Coaching

Oh yeah, we're going here...

Starting January 2020, you will get access to 6 months of ongoing group coaching support (12 sessions total)--carefully structured to ensure you get maximum value every month regardless of whether you're short or long launching.

Editing & Cover Design Inclusive

Because a quality product is a must...

I am not about to let you publish your book without it being the very best it can be--which is why I'm bringing my most trusted editors and cover designers on board with this program and pairing them up with you--at no extra cost!

*Please disclaimer in FAQ for specific details

Lifetime Access to Storyseller Academy

So that you forever have the 'know' how...

Launch at your own pace (and a million times more after) with lifetime access Storyseller Academy--my high value course which walks you through how to publish, launch, build an author brand, market and scale.

Explore Storyseller Academy in depth here.

A Customised Launch Plan

Because every book is unique...

I don't believe in cookie cutter solutions when it comes to book publishing and building author brands. Whereas you wouldn't get tailored support by just completing a book launch course, you will get your own custom launch plan as part of the coaching in this program.

PLUS, You'll Receive These Amazing Bonus Tools & Resources... 

Step-By-Step Book Launching Checklist that you know exactly what your next step is at all times.

Pre-Formatted Book Publishing Template that you can upload a formatted + distribution ready book file.

Book Promotion Planner that you can plan out book promotion in a way that fits your schedule and lifestyle.

Ideal Reader Avatar Workbook that you can get crystal clear on who you're selling to and how to speak to them.

Book Marketing Templates that you can adapt from all my own sales emails, book marketing graphics and sales pages.

Masterclass: The Ultimate Publishing Guide For Authors walk you through how to publish on multiple platforms (Amazon, Kobo, Createspace, etc.)

Oh, BTW—I should probably introduce myself!

My name is Pagan and I'm a copywriter and coach helping fiction authors tell and sell their stories.

As a bestselling author, I've been publishing books for the past three years and have experience both traditionally and self-publishing. Armed with plenty of book launching and marketing expertise and years of experience, it's my goal to help you make your writerly dreams a reality.  

You might be thinking that as great as this all sounds... it's just not possible or plausible for you...

Because you've tried it before, or because being a bestselling author, being on the level of some of those other authors you admire feels like a fairytale--like one of the stories you write.

Like something that won't ever come true.

Like you're dreaming an ignorant dream.

Like you live in a different world, and you're viewing theirs from the outside in.

Like no matter how much time, money or energy you put into this, it just won't work.

Like there's nothing you could say or do to increase your impact.

Like your writing isn't actually good enough to reach the masses you desire.

Like people don't care enough.

But that is JUST. NOT. TRUE!

If other authors can do it, why not you? Those bigger authors had to start somewhere too. They put in the work, took the risks, and if they can succeed that is proof you can too. The only person right now saying you can't is you--and you can change that!

So why not you?

Still not convinced?

Here's what some of my past students have to say:

- Rhianne Stephanie

- Rebecca K. Sampson

- Allison Rose

Ready To Enrol?

When you join Everything Authorship, you will receive:

Lifetime Access to Storyseller Academy ($697 value)  

Weekly Action Steps ($600 value)

12 x Group Coaching Calls ($3,000 value)  

Done for you cover design ($200 value)

Done for you editing ($300 value)

Unlimited voxer access - Mon- Sat ($7,200 value)

Total value = $11,997

But you won't pay that much.

Everything Authorship is currently closed for enrolment

Join the waitlist to get notified when doors open again:

Can you really afford not to invest in your own learning?

I literally lost money I was trying to save by not investing in help when I first published.

  • Like when I didn't register my ISBN correctly and couldn't get my book into libraries--meaning my book couldn't be purchased by any libraries and I had to spend time + money relaunching.
  • Like when I had to start building readership from scratch after my first launch (when the launch process itself is the easiest way to promote a book and gain readership). 
  • Like when I wasted $500 on book advertisements that weren't converting because I insisted on trial and error and not hiring expert help. 
  • Like when I bought my tax stuff to my accountant and she took one look at how I was selling my books and said, "you know you're losing money, right?" 
  • Like when I didn't make a single sale in the first 2 years my book was published because I legitimately didn't know how to market it properly.

If you're still on the fence about joining Everything Authorship, let me ask you this:

Do you still intend to launch your book?

Will you invest your time and money into it?

Then are you really willing to risk making the same mistakes I did by not investing in help?

I can tell you with 100% certainty that the mistakes I made in the past have cost me more than the single investment of this program.


+ How much access do I get to you personally? 

The program comes with a private FB Group community where you can reach out for support regarding the program over the entire 6 months, plus you will get 12 x group coaching calls with me where I will be tailoring my advice towards helping you. 

+ How long do I get to keep the contents of this program? 

For life, boo! Once you pay, you'll have lifetime access to Storyseller Academy, the resources provided, plus all the group call replays.

+ How is the program delivered? 

The group coaching calls are delivered live via a Facebook Group. You will be able to access all the call replays outside of Facebook, and you will have a chance to ask questions prior to each call.

The Storyseller Academy course is pre-recorded and accessed via a membership area.

You will need a computer or phone to view everything and an internet connection.

+ Do you offer refunds? 

Due to the nature of the course content, I do not offer refunds.

Upon committing to a payment plan, any sales or discounts advertised post-purchase will not be eligible.  

Payment plan cancellation enquiries must be emailed to my team at with full reasoning. 

+ When does the program start? 

Round One of this program starts in January 2020.

+ At what stage of completion does my book need to be? 

Your book must be in it's final draft stages (at minimum) and be ready to go through editing, formatting and finalisation. You do not need to have your book edited--that will be provided for you. 

+ How does the included editing & cover design work?

I will be liasing editing and cover design on your behalf, depending on your launch timeframe--and of course, you will get a say in the cover and type of editing!

This program covers one round of editing and cover design. If you desire multiple rounds, or multiple books done, you will need to discuss that with the professionals I've bought on board.

+ Can't I just join time? 

Sure! But, this program only launches when I am launching books--so I can't give you an exact timeframe of when it will be available again. Best get in now while you can! 😉

+ Aw man, my question isn't listed here! 

No worries—just send an email to my team via and we will be in touch! 

+ How do I join?

Simply browse the payment options listed above and click the button under your selection of choice to proceed to payment and secure your spot (limited to 10).

You've reached the end! 

Wow, I hooked you for this long? I must be pretty good at what I do. 😉 In that case, one final push: 

The world needs your story, and you are ready to launch it! 

So, go on and enroll already! 

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