Get ready for next-level book launch support...

So, you've decided the time has come.

You're absolutely, 100%, most definitely publishing your book in the next 12 months.

Nothing is gonna stop you...

...well, except maybe your lack of confidence, and the fact that it feels like your brain is all over the flipping place. 🙈

I can relate to that feeling...

Launches can be stressful.

There's all this work involved, and what if it doesn't sell?

And then there's the motivation slumps--it's like some days you just can't seem to get out there and promote your upcoming release.

Oh, and then you miss a whole week of social media posts, and now you're behind, and you're suddenly wondering if you should just postpone the launch--again...

But listen--you can freaking do this!

And I get it, having someone to keep you motivated, accountable and double check all your launch steps along the way would be amazing...

But that would be asking too much, right?

Wrong. 😉

You know what well-established, bestselling authors have that indie authors don't?

Experts helping and supporting them! People who have worked in the industry for 10+ years and do it every day for a living.

But what if you don't have the support of a publisher behind you?

Well, I say the next best thing is a coach.

Working closely with coaches is what changed my game big time.

There's something about being in the energy of someone who is exactly where you want to be that empowers you to step up in a much larger way for your books and brand.

When I invested a scary $2k into my first coach? I made $3k back in 2 months. And then I went on to invest in 6 more coaches and baby, I soared!

So sure, I can teach you all the steps and strategies to launch and sell in a course... but the real magic comes from modelling successful people and doing the deeper mindset work.

That's what makes my high level coaching programs unlike any course you've ever taken.

We don't just work on book launches--we work on your limiting beliefs, and you can expect 110% of my tailored time and energy focused on your books and brand. Because I want to see you thrive!

What if you had someone with you every step of the way...

...keeping you accountable and motivated...

...while providing all the tools you need to publish + launch?

It's easy to fall off the bandwagon these days...

I know you want to have your best book launch yet!

And yet, Netflix is oh-so-appealing compared to the thought of showing up daily to promote your book. Isn't there an easier way?

You kind of thought this authorship lifestyle would entail more kicking back at the beach with your laptop to write your next contemporary romance--instead, you're trying to figure out all of Ingram Spark's tech issues!

Plus, you're not sure of the exact steps to take during your book launch, or whether go KDP exclusive or distribute wider. What's the difference between the two?

Also, where does one find a decent editor and book cover designer these days? And is it too early to do a book tour? Because Holly Black is jetsitting around the world again and it's high time you got to live that dream too. When is it your turn? 😉

But picture this...

This time next week? You're telling your friends and family you're going to be a published author.

Three to six months from now? You're seeing the book you've spent years working on out in the world, on actual bookshelves. Oh, and did I mention it reached #1 bestseller?

Eight short weeks later? Readers are telling you how much your book meant to them.

You're travelling to speak at schools and libraries about your book, and you're doing REAL book signings!

Yeah, I'm talking about you doing all of this! Envision it now, because I've done every single one of these things... and that means so can you.

The #1 thing I identify in most authors... that they focus on all the wrong things...

...and it creates all the wrong results.

It's time to start thinking bigger and asking the right questions!

In Everything Authorship you can expect to receive a step-by-step blueprint where you get to model your own launches off of exactly what I do...

...but this isn't just to ensure you never miss a launch step.

I've taken the guesswork out of launching so that we can focus on the things that are actually going to shift and propel you higher in your career!

So instead of asking when the best time to launch is, or what to post every single day...

...we'll work on your mindset, energy and motivation--and create launch strategies that align with your dream author lifestyle!

So, what exactly does this look like?

  • Knowing EXACTLY what steps to take, when to take them, and why (no more wondering how to upload your book, how to market it, etc.)
  • Having a step-by-step process to follow along with.
  • Accountability and support when things (inevitably) go wrong.
  • Someone to take you from "I'm too scared to talk about my book/of being salesy" to "holy shit I just tripled my book launch results and have 5 media interviews lined up"
  • Growing out of "hobbyist writer mindset" to "publishing pro"

Basically, we focus on getting your mindset and launch strategy aligned so that you can reach more readers, make more sales, have more confidence and create the authorly lifestyle of your dreams.

You might be thinking that as great as this all sounds... it's just not possible or plausible for you...

Because you've tried it before, or because being a bestselling author and being on the same level as other authors you admire feels like a fairytale...

Like something that won't ever come true.

Like an ignorant dream.

Like you both live in two different worlds.

Like no matter how much time, money or energy you put into this, it just won't work.

Like your writing isn't actually good enough to reach the masses you desire.

Like people just don't care enough.

But that is JUST. NOT. TRUE!

If other authors can do it, why not you?

Those bigger authors had to start somewhere too. They put in the work, took the risks, and if they can succeed that is proof you can too. The only person right now saying you can't is you--and you get to decide otherwise!

Everything Authorship is for authors with BIG ambitions

...and if you're ready to say YES to the author lifestyle you aspire to achieve and create...

...then this is the exact program to get there.

No matter when you plan to launch...

You'll discover two different ways to launch a book (short vs long launch strategy) and can adapt both to fit your own publishing timelines.

No matter if it's your first or third launch...

If your past launches have disappointed you, you can absolutely transform the results of your next release in this program. And, if it's your first book launch, you'll still learn all the publishing and launch steps from scratch!

No matter if you struggle with self-promotion...

Marketing is a key part of the launch process, which won't be overlooked.

This program is designed to help you show up in a way you'll love doing, and you'll even get lifetime access to my book launching and marketing course, Storyseller Academy, as part of the program.

Here's what's included...

3 x Months Of Group Coaching ($1,500 value)

Ongoing group coaching support (6 sessions total)--carefully structured to ensure you get maximum value every month regardless of whether you're short or long launching.

3 x Private Coaching Calls ($1,050)

On top of your group calls, you will receive 3 x private coaching calls with me dedicated to your book launch and author brand.

You can use these during the coaching program timeframe if desired, or as follow up calls if doing a longer launch and you want post-program support.

Private Voxer Access ($1,050)

Three months of private voxer access with me. Whenever you have an urgent question, need general advice, or feel demotivated, hit me up and let's chat.

Lifetime access to Storyseller Academy ($697 value)

Launch at your own pace (and a million times more after) with lifetime access Storyseller Academy--my high value course which walks you through how to publish, launch and market your book.

P.S: Storyteller Academy comes with the following bonus resources:

Storyseller Framework Workbook

12-Step Book Launch Checklist

Book Marketing Templates

Pre-formatted Book Publishing Template

21 Days Of Marketing Prompts

Editing & Cover Design Inclusive ($2,000 value)

I am not about to let you publish your book without it being the very best it can be--which is why I'm bringing my most trusted editors and cover designers on board with this program and pairing them up with you--at no extra cost!

*Please view disclaimer in FAQ for specific details

Editing & Cover Design Inclusive ($2,000 value)

I am not about to let you publish your book without it being the very best it can be--which is why I'm bringing my most trusted editors and cover designers on board with this program and pairing them up with you--at no extra cost!

*Please view disclaimer in FAQ for specific details

BONUS! Book Launch Social Media Trello Board ($49 value)

Six months of customisable content prompts leading up to launch day (with all the types of content you need to properly nurture readers and convert them into buying customers).

TOTAL VALUE = $6,953

But your investment is just $2,500 (save over $4k)

Everything Authorship is currently closed for enrollment

(Round Three begins March 2021)

How does applying work?

Step One:

Click through to fill in the application form and if you sound like a perfect fit for the program, I'll be in touch within 48 hours to approve your application.

Step Two:

You'll choose your payment plan and once started, you'll receive a confirmation email with further details to access the program content.

Why is there an application process?

I only take on clients who are ready to go through this program. Your book needs to be ready for editing, and I need to consider other aspects in your application to ensure you get the most value from the program.

If it's not a good fit, don't worry! I'll let you know what needs to be done first and when you can reapply.

Ready to get started?

I'm so ready!

P.S: You should also know the price is going up for the next round in 2021. If you intend to publish this year, this is the time to join.

What authors are saying...

"Working with you upleveled my writing and publishing lifestyle x 1000! I would not have published Ember in July without your guidance. It would likely still not be out!"

- Rebecca K. Sampson

"Highly recommend Pagan for anyone who is considering getting some expert knowledge behind them."

- R. S. Williams

"When I released my first book, I didn't have any help with my copy or marketing. With Pagan's help, I released my second book with more than triple the success of my first!"

- Allison Rose

So, who exactly is Pagan Malcolm?

Pagan is a bestselling fantasy and contemporary author, and author coach helping fiction authors tell and sell their stories.

She's been featured in Writer's Digest, The Write Life, Grattan Street Press and The Author Inside You podcast.

She has also spoken across Queensland, Australia at various writer's festivals, schools and libraries, and has made multiple front page news for her bestselling novels.

Armed with two diplomas in professional creative writing and years of experience, it's her goal to bridge the information gap for aspiring authors and help you make your writerly dreams a reality.  

Let's compare your investment to the DIY method...

There are your non-negotiables (such as editing and cover design)...

...production costs (such as formatting and uploading--depending how you choose to publish of course)...

...and then there are endless possible marketing costs.

A good publicist starts at $3k per month, with a minimum committment of 4 months.

For a cheaper option to create exposure, you can look into paid book tours and blitzes for a few hundred bucks (or try to find the time to reach out to hundreds of book bloggers yourself...)

And if you're not sure how to organically grow your readership and sell? You'll likely turn to ads at some point.

But in Everything Authorship, not only do you save money, but you learn valuable skills that can serve you time and time again throughout your entire career.

By investing now, you will save money long term.


+ How much access do I get to you personally? 

The program comes with a private FB Group community where you can reach out for support regarding the program over the entire 3 months, plus you will get 6 x group coaching calls with me, 3 x private coaching calls, and 3 months of Voxer support. 

+ How long do I get to keep the contents of the program? 

For life! Once you pay, you'll have lifetime access to Storyseller Academy, the resources provided, plus all the group call replays.

+ How is the course delivered? 

The group coaching calls are delivered live via a Facebook Group. You will be able to access all the call replays outside of Facebook, and you will have a chance to ask questions prior to each call.

The Storyseller Academy course is pre-recorded and accessed via a membership area.

You will need a computer or phone to view everything and an internet connection.

+ Do you offer refunds? 

Due to the nature of the course content, I do not offer refunds. Upon committing to a payment plan, any sales or discounts advertised post-purchase will not be eligible. Payment plan cancellation enquiries must be emailed to my team at with full reasoning. 

+ When does the program start? 

The next round of Everything Authorship will run in June 2020.

+ At what stage of completion does my book need to be? 

Your book must be in it's final draft stages (at minimum) and be ready to go through editing, formatting and finalisation. You do not need to have your book edited--that will be provided for you. 

+ How does the included editing and cover design work? 

I will be liasing editing and cover design on your behalf, depending on your launch timeframe--and of course, you will get a say in the cover and type of editing!

This program covers one round of editing and cover design. If you desire multiple rounds, or multiple books done, you will need to discuss that with the professionals I've bought on board.

+ What if I already have a cover designer/editor? 

There's a secret plan you can jump on! You get to join the program live and invest at a lower cost as long as you have your own editor and cover designer. To find out more, email me directly via, subject line "Everything Authorship Secret Plan"

+ Can't I just join next time?

You could... but, this program only launches when I am launching books--so I can't give you an exact timeframe of when it will be available again. Best get in now while you can! 😉

+ Aw man, my question isn't listed here! 

No worries—just send an email to my team via and we will be in touch! 

+ How do I join?

Simply browse the payment options listed below and click the button under your selection of choice to proceed to payment and complete your enrolment. 

Everything Authorship is currently closed for enrollment

(Round Three begins March 2021)

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