I am SO excited to be presenting the lineup of books from Round One of Everything Authorship!

These incredible authors (some debut, some previously published) are working alongside me to publish and launch their newest books before June this year.

On this page you will find information about each book we've been working on together.

I'm also want to shout out a few people. For the majority of these titles, the book covers were designed by Mandi Lynn of Stone Ridge Books, and the editing was done by RaeAnne of Lavender Prose. We are so thankful for their help!

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Essence Of The Angels (The Starlight Chronicles #2)

After the Urenphians took over their home, Lucy and her entourage are forced to retreat to the haven of the Angel Sanctuary. But with Valarie missing, Lucy is oblivious to the lies and secrets staring her right in the face. It's not until she makes a shocking revelation that she realizes just how much danger she and her friends are in. Will she be able to step into the ruling shoes of her past self before it's too late? Meanwhile, Valarie finds herself in enemy territory under the watchful eye of Devian and Reina. But her newly found Shadow heritage and ties to Reina aren’t the only dark secrets in her past… and with the turmoil she's about to face, it's possible that she may not make it out of Urenphia as the same person that she once was... The exciting next installment in The Starlight Chronicles Series will reveal truths to a world they thought they knew—but will they survive in this new world unveiled?

Release Date: March 31st 2020

Published By: The Parliament House Press

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P. S. Malcolm is the bestselling author of The Ryan Rupert Series and The Starlight Chronicles Series. 

When she's not writing, she's running her biz (Paperback Kingdom) or drinking tea with her cats, Lunar and Cinder.

The Wraith's Bargain (The Wraith #1)

A year has passed since the nightmares began, and Dana is running on fumes. Her nightly torture by demons has left her reliant on caffeine and desperate for change. Change comes, in the most unexpected way. When a demon comes for her in real life, Dana is saved by an Order of local demon hunters. They offer to help her to manifest and learn to control her own brand of magic, which could turn her life around. It will take time, but Dana is prepared to put in the work. That is, until she encounters the demon king himself who promises she won't have to wait--and is left with her head spinning. Dana knows nothing good will come from trusting the demons--but she doesn't know how much longer she can handle the nightmares. It's not until a charming stranger starts turning up in her dreams and helping her out of sticky situations that she realizes she may have a third option. Unfortunately for Dana, he's a demon too--but he has just the bargain that could get her out of this mess for good.

Release Date: June 28th 2020

Jo Narayan is a Tennessee native who gained 10+ years of writing experience before releasing her debut novel, The Wraith's Bargain. She enjoys gaming, reading, and searching for unicorns in her spare time.


If I stand still, If I close my eyes, I can see the empty sky Open Endless Free. Kitten has almost made it through high school, until they get drugged at a party. Kitten's entire life is turned upside down when the perpetrators make the violation public. With help from their one true friend, Kitten is able to find answers, who their real friends are, and a reason to keep living.

Release Date: April 23rd 2020

Published By: Enchanted Woods Publishing

Art Credit: @yichuin

Quiet thoughts plant stronger seeds than aggressive force. ian. is a quiet poet who has spent most of their time rewriting the world in their head. ian. is heavily inspired by nature and loves to be an observer of the world, both urban and natural. Poetry is their way of expressing their rawest emotions.

Court Of Outcasts (Tales of an Outcast Faerie #2)

A dangerous faerie lurks behind an empty throne.

Still living as a faerie outcast in the human world, Kelty is summoned by the Court of Outcasts, where another faerie—one with a dark past, a skewed sense of reality, and a penchant for influencing minds—offers her the throne.

Accepting would force her to forfeit her dreams by remaining in the human world for the rest of her days. But refusing could spell disaster for the humans she now hopes to protect.

Meanwhile, Nola struggles with fainting spells as her human body rejects the faerie magic now within her. She tries to stay away from the outcasts, but when the mysterious new guy in school lures her friend Lauren away, she follows them to a place she never thought she would see—and may not be able to leave.

Fighting separate battles against a common enemy, Kelty and Nola find themselves questioning everything as they struggle to decide what truly matters—and to survive with their minds intact.

This second installment in the Tales of an Outcast Faerie series is a magical, fast-paced tale where life-altering decisions loom, relationships falter, and the insanity of one powerful faerie threatens to break them all.

Release Date: April 19th 2020

Driven by a lifelong passion for words and reading fantasy novels, Allison Rose writes YA fantasy stories featuring faeries, magic, and strong heroines.

Chasing The Horizon (Horizons #1)

In fair Aeroterra where we lay our scene 

Two star-crossed terrans flee 

On whose flights learn what it is to be free. 

Konnor Tendarian, Prince of Seslin – one of the wealthiest kingdoms of Aeroterra – is locked away inside their father’s castle. As they come of age, it’s harder and harder to hide that they're a sacra, an inferior type of terran according to their father, and not the heir they were supposed to be. 

Prince Daxton Austeareus is living the easy life, free from responsibility despite the raids plaguing their borders. His father tries to reel him in by arranging a marriage to the Seslin prince – a complete stranger to Dax. 

Dax and Konnor both run from their homes, and a marriage they’re not ready for. When they cross paths on their journeys, an undeniable, magnetic draw between them derails both of their paths and brings them closer to the fate they tried so hard to avoid.

Release Date: June 2020

Published By: Enchanted Woods Publishing

Zenith Aislin is a cosplayer and author who loves to bring his favorite characters to life. At every anime convention he attends, he brings a special flare to the characters he cosplays and he aims to do the same with his books, bringing his own unique flare to books and writing #ownvoices stories.

Surviving Spring Break With Ryan Rupert (The Ryan Rupert Series #2)

It's been seven months since Aubany's nightmare vacation to Nula Island—where she not only fell in love with her snarky neighbor, Ryan Rupert, but survived a brutal stabbing to the gut. Now, Aubany has been invited by her friend Lewis to his family's cabin in the mountains of Blakesky for Spring Break. However, memories of Courtney attacking her still plague her—even though it's been months since her last sighting. Not to mention that Ryan has started avoiding conversations about the future together, and the town of Blakesky has a strange, unsettling history surrounding it. But nothing could possibly bring Courtney back into their lives after all this time, and things with her and Ryan are fine… Or at least, that's what Aubany's determined to believe—except Aubany's no safer in Blakesky than she was on Nula Island, and she's about to discover a dark secret that will not only threaten her and Ryan's relationship… but could bring her face to face with death once more.

Release Date: July 7th 2020

P. S. Malcolm is the bestselling author of The Ryan Rupert Series and The Starlight Chronicles Series.

When she's not writing, she's running her biz (Paperback Kingdom) or drinking tea with her cats, Lunar and Cinder.

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