Which one of these do you relate to most?

You are on a tight deadline and need accountability and support to get your book finished fast.  

You are SICK of this book taking forever to write and want to finally get your first draft down.  

You want to challenge yourself to write faster and establish a better writing routine.

...no matter which one it is, I've been there.

Writing when you don't feel like writing is one of the hardest challenges in the world...

Trust me, I know. When the writing flows naturally and I'm at my most inspired--it's amazing! I can churn out 10k words a day and finish manuscripts in a single week easily.

But most of the time, that's not the case--except I don't have the luxury of waiting for those 'bursts' of inspiration to hit again. I'm contracted by deadlines, so I'm expected to write full length manuscripts in 6 months or less.

(Usually less, because procrastination is also a thing 😜).

So I've had to build writing habits and routines to ensure I do meet my deadlines, and develop practices to help keep me on track.

These are the exact habits and practices I want to share with you in this program--so that you can finish your books faster and meet your deadlines.

What if you had someone with you every step of the way...

...keeping you accountable and motivated...

...while providing all the tools you need to manage your time effectively and hit your daily word count goals?

That's exactly what my new program is all about!

This is my high level mastermind program for the writers! 😉 If you are tired of your manuscript weighing on your shoulders and want to finish it fast, this program is for you!  

Can you relate to any of these? 

  • You told yourself you'd write that chapter after work, or tomorrow--but somehow, it keeps getting pushed back and procrastinated.  
  • It feels like you've been writing this book forever at a snail's pace and you just want it to be done already!  
  • You can never seem to find time in your schedule for writing. You know it's important, but it doesn't feel important next to the million-and-one other things on your to-do list.
  • Not to mention that actually starting feels impossible--you don't even know where to begin or how.  
  • You're afraid that if you rush the book, it won't be good enough.  
  • You're worried that it's already not good enough, and that's stopping you from writing to begin with because it feels like a lost cause.

I've been able to write full length manuscripts in a single week, which is how I KNOW it's possible to write 90k words in 9 weeks, and also why I'm CERTAIN I can help you get there. 😉

In the timeframe from when we start in March 2020, you will be supported through daily accountability, coaching and incentives to ensure you stay on track and finish your book in just 9 weeks.

Just imagine:

  • Being able to finally put pen to paper and let the words flow freely.
  • Dropping the guilt around not writing your book day after day.
  • Feeling the weight of your impending book deadline lift from your shoulders.
  • Producing something you can feel entirely proud of—and even show off to others.
  • Being able to write so well and so confidently, you feel your book is worthy of publication. 
  • Or even seeing your manuscript get picked up by a publisher or agent as soon as three months from now.

INTRODUCING: Fast Track To 90k

A 9-week group program for dedicated writers who want to write and finish their book in just 9 weeks!

OMG! Sign Me Up!

How is this different to NaNoWriMo?

One thing that I absolutely HATE about NaNo is that it puts peer pressure on you to write a book in a month without recognising that every writer's process is different.

If you miss a day, it can be detrimental to staying on track of your word count goal, and it can induce feelings of guilt, self-doubt and make you question your writing abilities.

The truth is that we can't force creativity--not if we want our book to actually be good. You're going to have days where you fall off the wagon, feel demotivated, or have a crisis come up.  

That's why you need balance in your writing routine, and this program provides that WITHOUT sacrificing discipline and accountability to finish your book on time.

Let's take a look at what's included:

9 x Group Coaching Sessions

To keep you accountable and on track...

Starting March 30th, 2020, you're going to get a weekly coaching call to address any questions you have around writing, as well as any mindset issues and doubts holding you back.

DAILY Accountability Check-in's + Coaching

It's like having a coach in your back pocket...

I will be checking in with you DAILY (yes, you read that right) to ensure you are on track with your word count goal and to offer voice coaching support whenever you need it.

Lifetime Access to Storyteller Academy

So that you forever have the 'know' how...

You'll recieve all inclusive access to my writing course, Storyteller Academy (valued at $497), which is going to help you nail the basics of writing, but also bring your writing up to a professional level (we're talking bestseller worthy).

Explore Storyteller Academy in depth here.

Weekly Mini-Trainings

To help you with time management and writing...

On top of my writing course, you will also get a weekly mini-training on a topic relating to writing or time management. These will be done live and will be created based on the struggles I see members needing help with as we go.

DAILY Writing Sprints

To keep you accountable and motivated...

You will be encouraged to report daily on your word count goal and share how many words you got in. This is to keep you accountable, but also so that we can cheer you on!

And, MORE Incentives...

Because who doesnt love a nice reward?

I will be giving away something HUGELY valuable to one person who finishes their manuscript in this program.

PLUS, we will be doing a massive group call at the very end where I will be offering professional feedback on your completed manuscript.

PLUS, You'll Receive These Amazing Bonus Tools & Resources... 

Length-And-Clutter Cutter Tool

...to help you reduce lengthy prose.

Pre-Formatted Manuscript Template

...so you can dive straight in with a manuscript formatted to querying standard.

Outlining Worksheet

...to help you get clarity on your story idea.

Writing Schedule Worksheet

...so you can plan your writing time and hit your word count goals.

Ideas Generating Method

...never get stuck for ideas again by using my ingenious idea generating tool.

Storycrafting Workbook

...tailored to every writing foundation taught in this course, and shipped straight to your door. It's the must-have companion for authors completing this course.

Oh, BTW—I should probably introduce myself!

My name is Pagan and I'm a copywriter and coach helping fiction authors tell and sell their stories. As a bestselling author, I've been writing for over a decade and used to tell stories through pictures a child before I could even write my own name. Armed with two degrees in professional creative writing and years of experience, it's my goal to help you make your writerly dreams a reality.  

Now, I know you might be thinking...

"I just don't have the time to write a book right now..."

Well, let me ask you this: when are you going to have the time?

The thing about writing is that it's not about having the time--it's about making it.

If you're not already sitting down to write and making progress, that means you have a block:

1) You're either not prioritising it...

2) Not enjoying it, or...

3) You simply don't know how to take the next step.

Let me help you break this block by us working together.

"Okay, but I can't justify investing money into my writing..."

This is a common mindset issue a lot of 'hobbyist' writers have.

It's totally fine to have writing as a hobby... but if you weren't serious about developing your skills and growing as a writer, you wouldn't be on this page.

What many writers forget is that investing in yourself and your professional development pays off long term.

You may not see the payoff now, but you'll see it when you finally sign with that dream agent or publisher because you worked on bettering your writing skills now.

This is a process that takes time, so if you want to be an author in 5 years and not 10, you want to be working on your skills now and not later.

"Okay, okay, but... what if I'm just no good at writing?"

Well, that's why you're here, isn't it?

No writer starts out good--but every writer starts out with potential.

The great thing about a writing coach is that they find that potential and help you shape it into something incredible.

I don't believe that you're a bad writer because, again, you wouldn't be on this page if you hated writing. So, the fact that you're here means that you're a passionate writer, and a passionate writer simply must write!

A passionate writer will always improve at writing as a result. Sometimes, you just need a little guidance in getting there, and that's where I come in.

With a coach committed to your success, and a ton of resources and strategies to keep you accountable and on track, why wouldn't this program work for you? If you're an action taker who is truly passionate about writing and dedicated to your book, then this program could be the simple shift you need to change your writing lifestyle.

Here's what some of my past students have to say:

- Kim Hart

- Rebecca K. Sampson

- Erica Farner

Ready To Enrol?

When you join Fast Track To 90k, you will receive:

Lifetime Access to Storyteller Academy ($497 value)  

9 x Weekly Trainings ($261 value)

9 x Group Coaching Calls ($1,350 value)  

Professional Manuscript Feedback ($350 value)

Daily Writing Sprints ($1,260 value)

Daily Accountability Coaching ($3,150 value)

Total value = $6,868

But you won't pay that much.

Fast Track To 90k is currently closed for enrolment

Join the waitlist to get notified when doors open again:

Let me ask you this… 

If all this course did was enable you to finally put pen to paper and start letting your creative words flow... would it be worth it?

What about if all it did was help you establish a writing routine that actually works with your current lifestyle and enables you to finally meet all your deadlines? Would it be worth it then? 

This course will enable you to do all of that and more. 


+ How much access do I get to you personally? 

The program comes with a private Facebook Group community where you can reach out for support regarding the program over the entire 9 weeks, plus you will get 9 x group coaching calls with me as well as DAILY check- ins and coaching.

+ How long do I get to keep the contents of this program? 

For life, boo! Once you pay, you'll have lifetime access to Storyteller Academy, the resources provided, plus all the group call replays.

+ How is the program delivered? 

The group coaching calls are delivered live via a Facebook Group. You will be able to access all the call replays outside of Facebook, and you will have a chance to ask questions prior to each call.

The Storyteller Academy course is pre-recorded and accessed via a membership area.

You will also recieve 1:1 accountability coaching and support via email and/or or FB messenger.

You will need a computer or phone to view everything and an internet connection.

+ Do you offer refunds? 

Due to the nature of the course content, I do not offer refunds.

Upon committing to a payment plan, any sales or discounts advertised post-purchase will not be eligible.  

Payment plan cancellation enquiries must be emailed to my team at pagan@paperbackkingdom.com with full reasoning. 

+ When does the program start? 

Round One of this program starts on March 30th, 2020.

+ Can I join if I've already started writing my book?

Yes! If you're a few pages in, a few chapters in, or already halfway through and you feel that you need this program to reach the end of your book, you are 100% welcome to join us! We'll tailor your word count goal to fit the course structure.

+ What if I want to aim for a different word count goal?

Go for it! 90k is what I chose because it's a good average for a range of different genres, but if you want to aim for as little as 60k or as much as 120k, you can! We'll be setting our word count goals in the beginning so the course structure will work no matter what word count goal you have in mind.

(AND, I'm proof that you can hit 10k words in a day so 120k in 9 weeks is certainly no stretch. 😉)

+ Can't I just join next time? 

Sure! But, this program only launches a few times a year--so I can't give you an exact timeframe of when it will be available again. Best get in now while you can!

+ Aw man, my question isn't listed here! 

No worries—just send an email to my team via pagan@paperbackkingdom.com and we will be in touch! 

+ How do I join?

Simply browse the payment options listed above and click the button under your selection of choice to proceed to payment and secure your spot (note: the program is limited to 10 spots so don't wait!)

You've reached the end! 

Wow, I hooked you for this long? I must be pretty good at what I do. 😉 In that case, one final push: 

The world needs your story, and you are ready to write it! Don't hold yourself back for another year when you can have your first draft down in as little as 9 weeks.

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