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The Paperback Podcast

This is NOT your typical author podcast.

In this show, mindset meets strategy with honest life lessons, practical tips, and fresh perspectives on how YOU can achieve success in authorship.

You can expect discussions on writing, publishing and marketing, but also mindset and business.

You'll love it if you're ready to take the unconventional, wildly successful, and fully aligned path as an author.

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On launching...

Discover the difference between book launching and evergreen marketing and how the two can drastically improve your book marketing strategy.

On publishing...

When I started my publishing journey, I made some critical mistakes. Here’s what I wish I’d known not to do, and what you can avoid by learning from me.

On marketing...

In this episode, I share some time effective book marketing methods that will streamline and simplify your process, plus reduce your manual to-dos.

On copywriting...

In this episode I share five key fundamentals to help you write juicier, more engaging book marketing copy *specifically* as a fiction author.

Launch With Me (The Free Series)

A sneak peek at how we transform our clients into bestselling authors (with the help of a little book launch magic!)

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