Marketing & Messaging Intensive

Get your books discovered, engage readers and increase your book sales.

This is for you if:

  • You've been wanting to improve book sales, but you don't really understand book marketing (or enjoy it).
  • You're getting ready to launch a book and want to improve your book launch strategy.
  • You've been struggling to build readership, engage readership, and turn followers into customers.
  • You're near desperate for personalised guidance, and not generic, cookie cutter advice (e.g. "have you tried making a Facebook page?" *cue eye roll*)

I'm not just an author coach—I'm a business coach.

And my business expertise is what's going to *really* change the game for you once you start treating your books like a biz.

Here's how it works: 

  • Clarity - first we'll get clear on what your book is about and who it's for.
  • Ideal Reader - next, we'll deep dive into figuring out who to market your book to and where to find them in the online space.
  • Sales Process - next, we'll take a look at your sales process and refine it so that readers can discover your book and buy it.
  • Marketing Messaging - after that, we'll go really deep into the types of marketing content you can be posting and how to ensure it resonates with ideal readers.
  • Bringing It Together - finally, we'll bring all these pieces together so that you have a clear strategy for marketing your book and making sales.

This is done over two seperate sessions, with two weeks of voxer support and implementation in between, so that you can work through the steps and build a consistent marketing habit.

Everything included: 

  • 2 hours of private coaching (split between two individual sessions).
  • 2 weeks of voxer support in between sessions to help you develop your sales process and implement your marketing strategy.
  • A written session summary detailing everything we discuss to help you develop your marketing strategy.
  • A personalised, ideal reader workbook to help you get clear on your ideal reader and refine your marketing messaging.
  • My Social Media Book Launch Trello Board to take the guesswork out of book marketing and content planning.
  • Detailed feedback on your marketing posts and messaging to help you improve conversions on your marketing content.
  • A PDF with 50 Book Marketing Ideas for fiction authors.
  • A fully fleshed out marketing strategy that will help you sell books consistently.
Hell Yes, I Need This!

What authors are saying...

"Working with you upleveled my writing and publishing lifestyle x 1000! I would not have published Ember in July without your guidance. It would likely still not be out!"

- Rebecca K. Sampson, #1 Bestselling Author of Ember Dragon Daughter

"Highly recommend Pagan for anyone who is considering getting some expert knowledge behind them."

- R. S. Williams, Award Winning Book Blogger and Fantasy Author

"When I released my first book, I didn't have any help with my copy or marketing. With Pagan's help, I released my second book with more than triple the success of my first!"

- Allison Rose, #1 Bestselling Author of Tales Of An Outcast Faerie

This is a good fit for you if...

You're ready to leave your 9 - 5 job, like, yesterday—and you know developing a solid sales strategy is your ticket out.

You're not here for spammy, sleezy sales tactics and want to discover an authentic, organic and real way to sell.

You plan to launch a book soon, and you want to improve your book launch strategy before the big day.

You are SO ready for loyal, die-hard readers to be filling up your inbox with fan mail and praise.

You want to stop guessing at and start nailing your book marketing strategy once and for all.

But NOT if...

You'd rather play it safe for the next decade, juggling author life with a job you hate.

You're looking for a get rich schemefor this you work, you need to be in it and committed long-term.

You despise book marketing and want nothing to do with it—in which case you're better off hiring a marketing assistant.

You believe your books should be free and that earning money for your work is evil. (Allow me to redirect you here instead.)

You'd rather spend your time reading broad articles on how to market books than get personalised support for YOUR book.


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