Publishing Plan Intensive

Map out a traditional publishing plan and craft your querying materials.

This is for you if:

  • You've been wanting to pursue traditional publishing, but don't know how to go about it.
  • You've been trying to write an engaging query letter, book blurb and tagline for months, and months, and months...
  • You're struggling to conduct market research for your book's genre.
  • You're seriously doubting your ability to get published, and the rejections stacking up in your inbox aren't exactly helping...

I was signed by a publisher, fresh out of high school, on my first attempt ever.

Then again, three years later.

If there's anyone who can help you craft a showstopping query letter, it's me.

Here's how it works: 

  • Clarity - first we'll get clear on what your book is about and who it's for.
  • Market Research - we then do a deep dive to conduct market research on the best publishers and agents for you to pitch your book to.
  • Query Materials - we then work on your book synopsis, tagline and blurb using my 3-step formula which is designed to make your materials more compelling.
  • Query Letter - after that, we'll structure your query letter / book proposal so that it strategically positions you and your book in a way that will resonate with the right publisher/agent.
  • Querying Process - finally, we'll go over how to pitch publishers and you can ask me questions about contracts, the publishing process, royalty rates and anything else relating to traditional publishing.

This is done over two seperate sessions, with two weeks of voxer support and implementation in between, so that you can work through the steps and finalise all of your querying materials.

Everything included: 

  • 2 hours of private coaching (split between two individual sessions).
  • 2 weeks of voxer support in between sessions to help you draft your querying materials and ask any burning publishing questions.
  • A written session summary detailing everything we discuss to help you develop your querying materials.
  • A personalised, querying workbook to walk you through the drafting process.
  • An excel sheet filled with aligned agents and publishers to help you kickoff your querying journey.
  • Detailed feedback on your querying materials (blurb, synopsis, tagline, etc.)
  • Step-by-step guidance on how to find and approach publishers/agents, who to pitch, and what to expect from a legitimate publishing offer.
  • A polished and show-stopping query letter that sells the frick out of your book, ensuring everyone who lays eyes on it knows why they should publish it.
Hell Yes, I Need This!

What authors are saying...

This is a good fit for you if...

You're serious about pursing traditional publishing

You've been querying for some time now with no luck.

You're tired of querying agents and publishers who aren't the right fit for your book.

Or, you have no idea where to begin looking for legitimate publishers/agents.

You're ready to learn how to structure a query letter, write an engaging book blurb, and really sell your book to publishers.

But NOT if...

You can't accept help or critisism when it comes to your book.

You'd rather keep querying aimlessly and get rejected again.

You want the process to take even longer as you make your way there through trial and error.

Despite having zero knowledge of the industry, you're confident that you won't be scammed by a vanity press.

You're okay with spending more hours of your time researching and polishing your queries instead of writing.


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