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Social Media For Authors:

Aired October 2018

This masterclass dives into the basics of using social media to build an author brand and connect with readers.

You'll learn:

  • What creates engagement on social media + four engagement tactics to use.
  • Four types of content you can be posting and how to brand yourself visually on social media.
  • How to use Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook as an author.
  • How to create community, use hashtags, and stay consistent.

Email Lists For Authors:

Aired November 2018

This masterclass dives into the basics of using email marketing to grow readership and sell more books.

You'll learn:

  • Ways you can brand yourself through email marketing.
  • How to promote and grow an email list.
  • Types of emails you can send and providers you can use.
  • How to create the perfect opt-in.
  • How to use welcome sequences and launch sequences to sell books on autopilot.

Business Plans For Authors:

Aired December 2018

This masterclass dives into basic business planning that can be applied primarily to author brands.

You'll learn:

  • How to set goals that actually help you progress.
  • Publisher mindset vs writer mindset
  • How to create a mission statement that aligns with your sales plan.
  • How to prioritise actions that will grow your business and brand.
  • Planning your ROI, support and expansion.
  • Journalling prompts for business thinking.

Business For Authors 2.0:

Aired January 2021

This updated masterclass expands business knowledge and planning and can be applied to both authors and service providers.

You'll learn:

  • What changed between 2019 ($100 months) and 2020 ($5k months)
  • How to set the tone for your year.
  • How to plan your marketing & launch strategy.
  • How to detach from sales and focus on service (and why you should)
  • How to set quarterly goals and outcomes.
  • A breakdown of my monthly goals and to-dos for biz success.

Mindset For Authors:

Aired January 2019

This masterclass explores some basic manifestation principles that can help any author develop a growth mindset for success.

You'll learn:

  • What limiting beliefs are and how they are sabotaging your success.
  • How to clear any limiting beliefs that might be holding you back.
  • Steps you can take to increase belief in yourself and your goals.
  • How to repair your relationship with money to increase cashflow.
  • Positive affirmations you can use to improve your mindset.

Mindset 2.0 For Authors:

Aired January 2020

This updated masterclass explores more advanced mindset principles, but also dives more consciously into manifestation.

You'll learn:

  • How to manifest anything you desire.
  • How to script your dream life into reality.
  • Tips for trusting your gut and leaning into intuition.
  • How to embody your bestselling author self.
  • How to open up to receive more in book sales.
  • The 12 laws of the universe and how to use them.


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Common Writing Mistakes:

Aired February 2019

This masterclass explores the most common writing mistakes I encounter when coaching newer authors and how to avoid them.

You'll learn:

  • 20 different writing mistakes to avoid.
  • 2 - 3 different solutions to avoid each mistake.
  • 10 quotes from great writers and interpreted takeaways.

Defining Your Ideal Reader:

Aired March 2019

This masterclass will help you define your ideal reader so that you can sell more books and connect better with your readership.

You'll learn:

  • How to narrow down *exactly* who your ideal reader is.
  • The #1 problem your book needs to solve to appeal to your readers.
  • Five factors that will contribute to your reader's purchasing decision.
  • Four different types of customers you will encounter.
  • A four step sales process to follow PLUS example income pathways.

Ultimate Publishing Guide:

Aired May 2019

This masterclass is a step-by-step walkthrough on how you can publish your book through four major online distributors.

You'll learn:

  • How to publish through Amazon, Ingram Spark, Kobo and D2D.
  • The essential stuff you'll need on hand prior to publishing.
  • Costs and investments you can expect along the way.
  • Book pricing, bookstore and distribution knowledge.
  • My simple hack to save you time and increase your distribution.

Multiplying Your Confidence:

Aired June 2019

This masterclass explores tips and tricks to increase your confidence around your writing, self-promotion, and showing up.

You'll learn:

  • What causes you to lack confidence.
  • Mindset work to overcome a lack of confidence.
  • How to expand your comfort zone.
  • How self-worth impacts your confidence.
  • How to increase our self-worth, faith, and positive thinking.

Digital Media Pathways:

Aired July 2019

This masterclass explores different ways you can get PAID to write for online platforms, and which ones are best suited for authors.

You'll learn:

  • If going down a digital writing path is right for you.
  • The five online writing platforms I recommend for authors.
  • How to use each digital writing platform.
  • The benefits of each digital writing platform.
  • How to get started on digital writing platforms.


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How To Get Into Libraries:

Aired August 2019

This masterclass shares how you can get PAID to be stocked in libraries and bookstores (and how to do it the right way).

You'll learn:

  • The benefits of being stocked in libraries vs bookstores.
  • Do's and don'ts of getting stocked in libraries.
  • Essential prerequisites to be stocked in libraries and bookstores.
  • How to get PAID an annual royalty for being stocked in libraries.
  • How to create sell sheets to get your books into libraries and stores.

Create A Writing Workshop:

Aired September 2019

This masterclass shares how you can create and present a PAID writing workshop to promote your books + generate more income.

You'll learn:

  • The benefits of doing writing workshops as an author.
  • How to pick topics to teach about.
  • How to create the workshop outline.
  • How to promote your workshop.
  • How to price your workshop, factor in expenses, and make a profit.

Writing Emotions & Reactions:

Aired February 2020

This mini training explores ways to enhance your story and characters by diving deeper in character reactions and emotions.

You'll learn:

  • How to use "showing not telling" to enhance characterisation, worldbuilding and backstories.
  • How to go deeper into characterisation to uncover the right reactions.
  • The four stages of a character's reaction (and how to write it).
  • How to feel and reveal emotions in writing.
  • How to show different types of emotions.

Copywriting Tips For Authors:

Aired April 2020

This masterclass explores ways to increase reader engagement by writing better social media posts, emails and website copy.

You'll learn:

  • How copywriting can help you increase book sales and engagement.
  • 7 copywriting tips to help you improve your marketing messaging.
  • Copywriting formulas to take the guesswork out of writing posts.
  • How to write and send a press release to promote your book.
  • My step-by-step structure for sales page writing.

Secrets From The Cinema:

Aired May 2020

This mini training dives into five storytelling tips and tricks learned from popular movies and how you can use them in books.

You'll learn:

  • 5 different "secrets" identified from movie storylines that you can use to improve your story structure, character building, and even your conflicts.


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Dealing With Negative Reviews:

Aired July 2020

This masterclass explores ways you can manage and navigate receiving nasty reviews, critisism and feedback on your books.

You'll learn:

  • Why book reviews matter (but why bad reviews aren't the end-all)
  • Do's and don'ts of receiving a negative book review.
  • 8 self-care actions to take after receiving a negative book review.
  • 6 tips to help you prepare for negative book reviews.
  • My rule of thumb for considering critisism and feedback.
  • Tips for avoiding the occurrence of negative reviews in the first place.

Staying Consistent For Authors:

Aired October 2020

This masterclass explores hints, tips and tricks for authors struggling to stay consistent in marketing and content creation.

You'll learn:

  • My best productivity and planning hacks for staying on schedule.
  • My marketing planning process and content repurposing hack.
  • Habits and shortcuts I've developed over the years to save me time.
  • My content scheduling recommendations to automate marketing.
  • Tips for maintaining routines and overcoming overwhelm.

Author Branding Mini Class:

Aired December 2020

This mini training walks you through how I created branding from scratch for a secret author pen name.

You'll learn:

  • My thought process behind choosing visuals, fonts and colours.
  • How I chose my content pillars for my author brand.
  • How I came up with a meaningful pen name.

Author Branding Full Class:

Aired April 2021

This in-depth training breaks down author branding so that you can build a strong, memorable brand that attracts ideal readers.

You'll learn:

  • What kind of brands authors have and how to nail your brand foundations so that you have crystal clear messaging.
  • How to navigate pen names, maintain your privacy, and clarify your marketing messaging even if you're a multi-genre author.
  • The #1 thing that will set you apart from other author brands and help you stand out among thousands of other authors.

Story Clarity For Authors:

Aired July 2021

This masterclass will help you clarify your story idea and overcome writing blocks.

You'll learn:

  • My four step story starting process.
  • What needs to happen in the first 3 - 5 chapters.
  • General writing tips for productivity and flow.


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