The Authorpreneur Kingdom Membership:

For ambitious authors who are serious about building a writing career, and are ready to drop the endless struggle and do it right.

The Authorpreneur Kingdom Membership is for you if you're:

🌟 An author with big dreams and bigger drive (hello, NYT Bestseller list!) 🌟 Dedicated to improving yourself and your skills. 🌟 Committed to showing up each month. 🌟 Not afraid to ask for help when you need it. 🌟 Someone who sets yourself accountability goals. 🌟 Are sometimes afraid--but you pursue your goals anyway!


What's Included:

Weekly Coaching

Get guidance on your current authorly goals, and stay on track with session summaries and customised action steps.

Past Masterclasses

Instant access to every previous masterclass in the group (+ all future ones for the duration of your membership).

Valuable Resources

Access an entire vault of strategy guidebooks, challenges, minset prompts and more.

All this without sacrificing your weekly chai latte fuelled writing sessions...

Because at $10.00/mth, it's never been easier to learn how to build a profitable author career. 😉

You'll Get

Simple, done for you examples of strategies and systems that work.

A higher level of support from me, with weekly coaching sessions!

Truckloads of knowledge to help you excel at and scale your career fast!

Start your 7 day free trial today!

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