For ambitious authors who are serious about building a writing career, and are ready to drop the endless struggle and do it right.

The Authorpreneur Kingdom Membership is for you if you're:

🌟 An author with big dreams and bigger drive (hello, NYT Bestseller list!) 🌟 Dedicated to improving yourself and your skills. 🌟 Committed to showing up each month. 🌟 Not afraid to ask for help when you need it. 🌟 Someone who sets yourself accountability goals. 🌟 Are sometimes afraid--but you pursue your goals anyway!


Here's what's included:  

1 x 90-minute masterclass training every month + a 30-minute Q&A 

These are based on topics that YOU vote on-- and you get access to them for 6 months after they air so there's plenty of time to catchup! Downloadable slides are included too. (Value: $800.00)  

✨ FORTNIGHTLY: 1 x Helpful free resource, blog article, or free course from my network

Whenever I find a fantastic article that I know is going to help you, I share it in this group just for you.

✨ 1 x group Q&A coaching session every month

This is my way of checking in with you personally each month, offering guidance, answering questions, and keeping you accountable to your goals. We always go for as long as we need to--even if it takes all day! (Value: $750.00)  

✨ 25% off of all my courses and programs 

When available, you'll get discounted, early access to other programs--so by investing, you actually save more when you want to work with me again!

✨ 1 x author biz strategy guidebook every month 

These printable workbooks are always tailored to the masterclasses so that you have a 'blueprint' to work through what you learned that month! (Value: $50.00)  

✨ MONTHLY, 30-day challenges / courses

We always do a monthly challenge on the same topic as the masterclass to help you actually implement what you learned in bite-sized steps. (Value: $99.00)  

MONTHLY, mindset prompts  

This is the key foundation every author in business needs--these prompts are going to help you get clear on your goals, how to achieve them, and work through any blocks keeping you stagnant.

If you love my free writer's group, or my livestreams, and are looking to massively upscale your author career--this mastermind group is the next level of support you need. And, it's just $10.00/mth 🙌  

You'll Get

Simple, done for you examples of strategies and systems that work.

A higher level of support from me. 

Truckloads of knowledge to help you excel at and scale your career fast!

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