A deep dive, 90 minute coaching session where we will unlock and design the roadmap to your next big authorly milestone.

A deep dive, 90 minute coaching session where we will unlock and design the roadmap to your next big authorly milestone.

You've been spinning your wheels for a hot minute now, and it's time to come unstuck...

The problem is, this authorship thing has SO many moving pieces. It's complicated, confusing, and you're not really sure what the right next step to take is.

That's why I created these laser-focused coaching sessions: so that you can tap into the RIGHT area of support for where you are on your journey, and create a game plan for getting to the next stage of authorship.

Ready to write your book? We're going to develop a clear plan and direction for it.

Jumping into self-publishing? We'll break down the steps and map out a profitable launch process.

Want to hit your first $1k in sales? Let's build out your reader sales pathway + craft a content strategy!

(P.S: The path to full-time authorship might seem simple... but all of the best business plans are. That's why it works!)

During our 90 minute session, we can work on ONE of the following things together:

You'll gain clarity and direction on your story + bust through writer's block so that you can finally finish your first draft.

We'll map out your personalised self-publishing & book launch plan so you can maximise release day results.

We'll create a book marketing content strategy + reader sales pathway to attract, engage and sell to more readers.


  • 90 minutes of private coaching where we will dive deep into whichever area of authorship you're currently at and create your game plan to reach the next stage.
  • 2 weeks of voxer support afterwards to help you implement your takeaways from the session and start working towards your next authorly milestone.
  • A written session summary detailing everything we discuss on the call so that you can refer back to it as many times as needed.
  • Detailed feedback on one of the following: (1) up to 5 book chapters, (2) your finalised book launch timeline, (3) 30 days of book marketing content.

NOTE: These intensives are PERFECT if you're a self-motivated action taker looking for clarity on your next steps, and you're ready to run at your goals solo.

But if you desire even more support, accountability and feedback, and you decide to signup for my 6 month private coaching within 30 days of booking an intensive, your intensive will be credited towards your private coaching investment.


The investment is $850 USD

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(Note: want to do all three intensives and map out your entire book's journey? Make it a VIP Day for just $1,700)


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2) You'll be emailed your next steps to book in your session time + fill out a form.

(Want to make it a VIP Day? Email me at pagan[at]paperbackkingdom[dot]com for more details and we can create the perfect, customised VIP Day for you.)



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