The Storyseller Session is a 90-minute, 1:1 coaching session.

It's designed to help writers who are...

  • Struggling to market their book...
  • Need guidance on how to publish...
  • Aren't seeing results with their current book launching/book marketing strategy...
  • Need help with a specific aspect of book launching or marketing (e.g. email marketing, bookstore acquisition, etc.)

Here's how it works: 

  • We go over your current issue or strategy.
  • We identify where you are stuck or struggling.
  • We strategise on what you can shift to improve results.
  • We gain clarity on what steps you need to take and why.
  • We create a publishing/marketing roadmap for you to implement.

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This is the perfect, low-cost alternative to a full coaching package!

Oh, BTW—I should probably introduce myself!

My name is Pagan and I'm a copywriter and coach helping fiction authors tell and sell their stories.

As a bestselling author, I've been publishing books for the past three years and have experience both traditionally and self-publishing.

I've been featured in Writer's Digest, have been invited to speak internationally, and have presented workshops and spoken at schools across Queensland, Australia.

Armed with plenty of book launching and marketing expertise and years of experience, it's my goal to help you make your writerly dreams a reality.

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+ How much access do I get to you personally? 

This is a 1:1 call--you get 90 minutes with me and we go through my signature Storyseller Session Framework to ensure you get the most out of the session.

+ Do I get to keep a session recording?

You can request one prior to the session commencing and I can set this up. However, you also get a written session summary detailing what we covered in the call for your reference.

+ How is the call conducted? 

After payment, you will be directed to book a session in my call calendar. You will get to choose between Skype or Facebook video call for the session.

+ Do you offer refunds? 

Refunds are offered before the session commences in the event of a cancellation.

After the session has commenced, refunds are not eligible.

+ When can I book?

Anytime you like--if there are no spots in my calendar this page will be updated accordingly.

+ Aw man, my question isn't listed here! 

No worries—just send an email to my team via and we will be in touch! 

+ How do I book a session?

Simply click here to proceed to payment.

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