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If there's one thing I can tell you about writing eleven manuscripts (and publishing seven books) over the past five years...

...it's that I didn't get here by sitting around waiting for inspiration to strike (oof, do you feel called out yet?)

The thing is, if you desire to write a book, you have to actually write.

(I know, annoying right?)

But here's the other thing: if you didn't need help with your writing process, you would already be writing right now.

What I know from being a writer is that we writers can't not write. We yearn to tell stories, we live with characters all up in our brain, and when we feel stuck we have this constant desire to get back to writing.

So I totally get how you're feeling right now. It's frustrating, having a story on your heart to tell, but not being able to get the words down on the page!

There are many reasons why you might be feeling stuck:

  • Maybe you don't know how to get started.
  • Maybe you feel short on time and energy due to your 9 - 5.
  • Maybe you're doubting whether your book is even any good.
  • Or maybe, you know your book has potential, but something just feels off about it and you can't pinpoint what it is (or how to fix it.)

Whatever it is, I promise you I've been there, and I can help you through it so that you can finally finish writing your book.

That being said, you're probably thinking I don't know a thing about your situation. Here I am, full-time and 7 times published author, with the freedom and flexibility to reshape my schedule at will.

It's not like I've only got ten minutes a day and limited experience...

...but it wasn't always like this.

In 2020, I wrote and published four books, back to back...

...while juggling a part-time job and running my full-time biz.

And while I would never do this again, I can say that it taught me a LOT about how to write while on deadlines, juggling soooo many things, and feeling exhausted 90% of the time.

I promise you that it is possible to finish your book without having to wait ten years for the "right time" to start. If you want it bad enough, it's possible to start now.

These three pillars helped me refine my writing process and finish so many books in such a short timeframe:


What's the difference between someone who waits for motivation, and someone who meets all of their deadlines?

Someone who treats their writing like a business.

Having the mindset of an author in business helped me develop consistent writing habits and tap into my creativity at will (even after a draining work day.)


Being able to finish a first draft is not about being able to write well, but rather, being able to tell a good story!

Once I realised this, I developed a unique process that helped me focus on the RIGHT things so that I could finish all of my first drafts in 90 days or less.

The good news is that, as a storyteller, you can do it too!


Of course, for a book to be high quality, it needs to be well written, and that's where learning the craft of writing comes in.

Over the years I've picked up so much knowledge from reading books, attending workshops, and writing my own books.

I now know how to craft compelling characters, plots, settings, descriptions and more.

These pillars are also the foundation of my self-paced writing course: Storyteller Academy.


Writer Mindset Module

Discover how to think and write like an established, bestselling author, overcome self-doubt and create writing habits for success.

You'll learn:

1) How to let go of perfectionism and self-doubt.

2) How to uncover what's truly on your heart to write about.

3) How to create instant inspiration and flow in your schedule, no matter the time of day or your state of mind.

4) How to create a writing schedule and process that works for you (because no, you don't have to write every day to be a successful writer, and you can still hit 90k words fast--I'll show you how!)


Storyteller Framework Module

Discover my signature Storyteller Framework--a seven step process to unlock your inner story and help you transmute it to paper fast.

You'll learn:

1) The three most critical elements of any story and how to develop each one to build and structure your novel.

2) The three enhancement elements of your novel and how to use them to improve your writing.

3) How to develop your signature writing style and voice.

4) My recommended writing process for every stage of the novel writing journey--how to plan, write, revise and edit.


Writer Foundations Module

Discover how to write plot, characters, settings, description, dialogue and more--every foundational aspect of writing required to craft a novel.

You'll learn:

1) What creates an exceptional opening scene and chapter.

2) How to craft a compelling plotline that hooks your reader.

3) How to dive deep into character development and craft characters your readers can't help but adore and root for.

4) How to create exciting and well-developed worlds with balanced and lucious descriptions.

...and more!

Total Inclusions:

  • Three core modules teaching you my unique writing process that has enabled me to finish books in 90 days or less.

Valued at $1,000

  • Workbooks, checklists, writing prompts and a manuscript template formatted to querying standards.

Valued at $200


$ 1,200

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What authors are saying...

"I had been stuck on my manuscript for a while and Pagan helped me fill out details and figure out how to reach my plot points. Going into it I was stuck, and coming out I was excited to get started writing this manuscript again!"

- Heather Hataley

"Pagan's easy and relaxed manner made it a very enjoyable course. She is highly motivating and a wonderful guide for new and experienced writers alike. Her advice is spot on, no matter your genre. It definitely made me a stronger writer."

- Kim Hart

"To anyone considering but is on the fence: take the plunge! Pagan is absolutely incredible! You will be glad you did!"

- Erica Farner

It's no coincidence that I've been able to write 60k word drafts in a single week.

It's no coincidence that my work was good enough to be signed by a publisher on my first submission attempt ever (no rejections--and I was still in high school!)

It's no coincidence that my clients have gone from overwhelmed with writer's block to published bestsellers in less than 6 months, and from unable to start their novel to gaining clarity and finishing their novels quickly.

It's because I know the art of good storytelling--and this course will help you tap into that skillset so that you can take your ideas, get them down quickly, and then bring your manuscript up to publication standard.

More client love related to writing support:

Imagine this:

  • Having a crystal clear roadmap to writing and revising your novel.
  • Finally being able to put pen to paper and let the words flow.
  • Ditching self-doubt and unapologetically writing the story on your heart.
  • Having a writing routine that actually works with your lifestyle and keeps you motivated to keep writing.
  • Creating a passion-filled, exciting and balanced writing process.
  • Designing your ultimate authorship lifestyle and building the first foundation of your author career.
  • Seeing your manuscript get picked up by a major publishing house or even your dream agent!

All of this is possible when you honor your need for writing support and take steps to improve your skills as a writer!

Are you ready to become a better writer?

It's totally fine to have writing as a hobby... but if you weren't serious about developing your skills and growing as a writer, you wouldn't be on this page.

What many writers forget is that investing in yourself and your professional development pays off long term.

You may not see the payoff now, but you'll see it when you finally sign with that dream agent or publisher because you worked on bettering your writing skills now.

This is a process that takes time, so if you want to be an author in 5 years and not 10, you want to be working on your skills now and not later.

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