What if I told you there were infinite ideas both inside you and all around you—enough inspiration to fuel a dozen books or more?

What if I told you that those excuses you keep telling yourself were all in your own head, and you have all the power to bring this story to life? 

In fact, what if I said you were the only one who could do it?  

Here's the truth…

I can guide you, teach you how to write… but only you can write the story inside your heart.

Only you know how to put all the pieces together the way they are meant to be.

So rather than me teach you how to write a book... what if I showed you how to transmute what's already inside your head onto paper? 

Maybe in the past you've tried to write a book, but… 

  • You couldn't finish it, or you couldn't find the time.  
  • You were worried it wouldn't be good enough.  
  • You felt like it was really hard.  
  • You were worried what your friends and family might think.  
  • You didn't even know where to start!  

Want to know a secret?

This happens to Every. Single. Author. 

I've scrapped dozens of my own manuscripts which were once passion projects I'd spent weeks pouring my soul into.

Most authors go through crippling self-doubt when writing—especially those who find themselves comparing their writing to NYT Bestsellers and feel the scrutinizing pressure of their peers to produce something incredible on the first try.

And every author who ever started writing has wondered if they would ever reach the end. Some, who have written plenty of books, still wonder— 

"Is this it? Have I reached my creative limit? Is this where it all ends?"  

This is all totally normal to feel. 

And totally possible to overcome. 

I know that you have an incredible story to share—and all of it is already inside your head.

But right now, the faucet enabling your creativity to flourish and flow is clogged.

So what happens if we unclog it, and allow your story to finally flow onto the page?

Just imagine:

  • Being able to finally put pen to paper and let the words flow freely
  • Producing something you can feel entirely proud of—and even show off to others?
  • Being able to write so well and so confidently, you felt your book was worthy of publication?
  • Or even seeing your manuscript get picked up by a publisher? 

This is why I created: Storyteller Academy

A self-paced program for aspiring writers who are ready to unleash their inner storyteller and write their freaking book already!

OMG! Sign Me Up!

Even if you have already started writing…

This course will teach you crucial fundamentals to ensure you keep writing until you reach the very end—with the perfect balance of mindset and skillset trainings.

You will improve your writing by learning from the very best, and be able to cultivate an irresistible writing rhythm.  

Even if you don't have an idea yet…

My ingenious tools included in the program will help you to generate unique new story ideas in less than 5 minutes—so whether it's an entire story or a mere chapter, you will never be stuck for ideas ever again!

For real.

Even if you've failed at writing before…

This course is more than a crash course in how to write (though it's that too).

It's a course that dives deep into the many whys that could be holding you back, and offers personal accountability and support from myself. When you come up against resistance, I'll be there to (caringly) push you forward. 

Let's take a look at what's included:

Module One – Planning

Still think you can't really write this book?

Think again—in this module we'll walk through everything from the obstacles holding you back, to choosing your story idea and genre and loosely outlining your manuscript so that you have a plan that shouts "I can!"

Module Two – Preparation

Overwhelmed by all the little details?

This module will help straighten out any worries you've gotten yourself knotted into—from debating whether to write a series or standalone, to figuring out how long it will take to write (and how much time to commit to it). After this module, your creativity will be brimming and ready to flow. 

Module Three – Flow

Time to let the words flow!

Through a careful balance of teaching each writing foundation, and setting implementation steps, you will breeze through the creation of your characters, the birth of your settings, the progression of your plot, and so much more—all while hitting your daily word count goals!

Module Four – Enhance

Ready to write like a NYT Bestselling author?

Now that you have the basics down, this powerful and detailed training will take you through the writing styles of some of the world's greatest authors (including J. K. Rowling, Stephen King, James Patterson, Margarett Atwood, and Neil Gaiman). Emerge with a world of knowledge and masterful writing skill. 

Module Five – Revising

So, you've come this far—but you want to start over?

This module will guide you through what to do when you feel like giving up—with trainings to help you renew and self-edit your story—and will let you know when it's okay to scrap and start again.

Module Bonus: Submit your first draft for a professional and detailed critique from myself.  

Module Six – Finishing

Omg, you're almost at the end!

This module will show you how to wrap up your manuscript nicely, and how to go about editing, pursing publishing, and all things beyond.

PLUS, You'll Receive These Amazing Bonus Tools & Resources... 

Length-And-Clutter Cutter Tool

...to help you reduce lengthy prose.

Pre-Formatted Manuscript Template

...so you can dive straight in with a manuscript formatted to querying standard.

Outlining Worksheet

...to help you get clarity on your story idea.

Writing Schedule Worksheet

...so you can plan your writing time and hit your word count goals.

Ideas Generating Method

...never get stuck for ideas again by using my ingenious idea generating tool.

Storycrafting Workbook

...tailored to every writing foundation taught in this course, and shipped straight to your door. It's the must-have companion for authors completing this course.

Oh, BTW—I should probably introduce myself!

My name is Pagan and I'm a copywriter and coach helping fiction authors tell and sell their stories.

As a bestselling author, I've been writing for over a decade and used to tell stories through pictures a child before I could even write my own name.

Armed with two degrees in professional creative writing and years of experience, it's my goal to help you make your writerly dreams a reality.  

You might be thinking that this simply won't work for you—that it can't possibly. Not with the other commitments you have, and your past track record of writing failures.

But I'm telling you it can.

If you have a passion for writing, then this course will work for you—because a passionate writer simply can't not write.

Maybe you've tried and failed before and have resided to ignoring the lures of your story, but those lures have a tendency to torment until you give in.

And when you do… do you want to find yourself giving up again halfway through again? Or riddled with insecurities the entire time?

Or do you want your writing to thrive and flourish?  

Still not convinced?

Here's what some of my past students have to say:

- Kim Hart

- Rebecca K. Sampson

- Erica Farner

Ready To Enrol?

When you enroll in Storyteller Academy, you will receive:

Valuable Mindset Shifts ($500 Value)  

High Quality Creative Writing Classes ($3,000 Value)  

Professional Guidance and Manuscript Feedback ($1,500 Value)  

Real Life Examples and Studies Of NYT Bestsellers ($2,000 Value)

PLUS $280 worth of bonus resources

That's $8,280 in value… but you only pay a tenth of that price.

Storyteller Academy is currently closed for enrolment

Check back again soon

Let me ask you this… 

If all this course did was enable you to finally put pen to paper and start letting your creative words flow... would it be worth it?

What about if all it did was teach you how to write on-par with some of the most brilliant writers of today? Would it be worth it then? 

This course will enable you to do all of that and more. 


+ How much access do I get to you personally? 

The course comes with a private FB Group community where you can reach out for support regarding the course and your manuscript. You will also receive a professional critique from myself of your manuscript's first draft upon completion of the course. 

+ How long do I get to keep the contents of this course? 

For life, boo! Once you pay, it's here to stay and can be forever accessed at any time. 

+ How is the course delivered? 

The modules are pre-recorded and you will get access to a member's area where all of the content is kept. You will need a computer or phone to view them and an internet connection.

+ Do you offer refunds? 

Due to the nature of the course content, I do not offer refunds. Upon committing to a payment plan, any sales or discounts advertised post-purchase will not be eligible. Payment plan cancellation enquiries must be emailed to my team at pagan@paperbackkingdom.com with full reasoning.  

+ When does the course start? 

The course is self-paced, so you can start as soon as you enroll. However, I only open doors once or twice a year (depending on demand)—so if you miss this round, you could be waiting a while! 

+ Can't I just enroll next time? 

As mentioned above, I only open doors once or twice a year (depending on demand)—so if you miss this round, you could be waiting a while! I wouldn't wait if you're keen to get writing. 

+ Aw man, my question isn't listed here! 

No worries—just send an email to my team via pagan@paperbackkingdom.com and we will be in touch! 

+ How do I join?

Simply browse the payment options listed below and click the button under your selection of choice to proceed to payment and complete your enrolment. 

Storyteller Academy currently is closed for enrolment

Check back again soon

You've reached the end! 

Wow, I hooked you for this long? I must be pretty good at what I do. 😉 In that case, one final push: 

The world needs your story, and you are ready to tell it! 

So, go on and enroll already! 

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