August's Masterclass:

"How To Get Your Book Into Libraries"

In this class, we will be looking at how to get your book(s) into libraries!

Why would you want to get your book into libraries?

(I mean, aside from the fact that it's totally cool to see your books on more shelves?)  

Well, I can think of a couple of reasons: 

Reason #1

It will give your books more visibility, and more visibility = more book sales, more brand growth, more readership, etc. Just a whole lotta more!

Reason #2

There are 28 select countries that are eligible to earn additional royalties for having your books in public libraries! For real! In this class, I'm going to reveal exactly which countries those are (and how you can get in on the scheme). Who knows-- your country might just be one of them!

And finally, Reason #3

Books don't just show up in libraries, and you don't need to bust your budget donating books either (in fact, you shouldn't be donating books, period.)  

If you're looking for more book sales, well guess what? Libraries buy books--meaning you'll earn money from selling your books to libraries as well as readers!

What We'll Cover...

  • The do's and don'ts of getting your book into libraries.  
  • Setting your book up properly to be eligible for library cataloguing.  
  • The 28 countries eligible for additional, library catalogued book royalties (and how to claim this).  
  • How to create a sell sheet for your book.  
  • Professional ways to contact libraries (plus the on-hand info you'll need).  

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Your Teacher:

This class is hosted by Pagan Malcolm--copywriter and coach helping fiction authors tell and sell their stories.

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