Here's what a few incredible people have said about working with me:



“I rewrote my copy for my book more times than I can count with little results. By the time I worked with Pagan, I was very frustrated by it.  

After working with her, my copy sounds infinitely better, to the point where I’m actually excited and confident about it, and my ads have started converting a lot better.  

I would recommend her to any author I know. It’s worth it to actually feel like you’re connecting with readers and that maybe they’re as excited about your book as you are!”  

– Allison Rose, author of The Nameless  

“I always knew that my website copy could be better, but I had no idea where to start and found the idea of researching best practices and creating everything myself too stressful. When I heard Pagan was going to offer these services, I jumped on the chance. With her help, I am now presenting my book and brand more professionally, and even better – getting more conversions! I can’t wait to see the long-term effects that engaging and tailored copywriting will do for my sales.” – Rebecca K. Sampson, author of Ember Dragon Daughter  

“Pagan is great at what she does. She’s fun, knowledgeable, and very down to Earth. I had a rambling description of my novel’s plot and theme and she turned it into a book blurb that took my breath away. Seeing it so well written and professional sounding really brought my book to life for me–I realized that publishing could become a reality. Pagan helped me along the way, providing insight and guiding me through an entire launch plan and branding strategy. I 100% recommend her services to any and everyone–no matter their stage in their writing journey.” – Jo Narayan, paranormal author of The Wraith

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“I was looking at my numbers and 2018 was very sporatic with random sales numbers / no pattern.

Since working with you in January, I've sold twice as many products in half the time and March isn't even over yet.”  

– Rebecca K. Sampson, author of Ember Dragon Daughter 

“To anyone who's considering booking a session, but is on the fence: Take the plunge! Pagan is absolutely incredible! You will be glad you did!”  

– Erica Farner, writer, blogger & book editor


“I have taken other writing/marketing courses and haven’t learned as much as in the few months I have been a part of The Authorpreneur Kingdom.

 Pagan knows how to focus on what matters and how to think outside of the box. And how to challenge us to do better 🙂 I especially love getting specific advice about writing and marketing fantasy because I have struggled to find this elsewhere. 

I highly suggest this program to both aspiring authors and those who have published and are looking to improve sales.”  

– Allison Rose, author of The Nameless 


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