The Query Bundle

Out of every 100 queried books a publisher/agent receives, only ONE gets accepted...

Which means your query really has to count.

So how do you write an irresistable query letter that agents and publishers simply can't ignore?

Well, I was signed by a publisher, fresh out of high school, on my first querying attempt ever.

And then I was signed again by another publisher just 3 years later despite the low odds.

I believe this had very little to do with luck, and almost EVERYTHING to do with how I went about the process.

My approach, query structure, and supporting beliefs are what I want to give you to help you put your best pitch forward with agents and publishers:

The Query Bundle


Here's what's included...

Traditional Publishing Masterclass

A 1 hour class teaching how to query, explaining contacts and royalties, detailing the difference between agents and publishers, and providing a general overview of what to expect from this publishing pathway.

Query Guidebook
(PDF Format)

Take a peek at the exact query letters that have gotten me signed + real book blurbs and synopsis' that you can model to craft your own materials.

Craft Your Query Session

Step-by-step, I take you through how to do research on agents/publishers, how to craft a strong tagline, an effective book blurb, a compelling synopsis, and how to structure your query letter and position yourself in it for success.

You'll walk away with: 

  • Clarity on what your book is about and exactly who it's for.
  • Knowledge of exactly how to do your own research to find the most aligned agents and publishers for you and your book.
  • Tips and resources to help you craft supporting materials (such as your book synopsis, tagline and book blurb) that are more engaging and compelling.
  • A walkthrough of how to structure your query letter / book proposal so that it strategically positions you and your book in a way that will resonate with the right publisher/agent.
  • A walkthrough of the step-by-step process to query your books properly (without getting scammed or ripped off by vanities)
  • Knowledge about contracts, the publishing process, royalty rates and so much more insider knowledge relating to traditional publishing.
  • Insights to the beliefs I carried and mindset I cultivated while querying that served me instead of hindering me.

All of this for just $47

My name's Pagan Malcolm...

...and I’m a bestselling author, copywriter, podcaster, speaker and business coach specialising in helping authors to understand the business side of publishing and sell out their book launches.

I started querying in my final year of high school, and I graduated fully expecting to receive tons of rejection letters. Instead, a publishing contract showed up in my inbox along with my acceptance into university, and from that point on I've been navigating all the different paths of authorship.

I've now published eight books, have been invited to speak internationally, been featured in 20+ publications and media, and have helped aspiring authors just like you to embark on their journey of authorship.

Your publishing dreams are possible, and they're not as difficult as you may think (and feel) that they are.

PSA: When you purchase The Self-Publishing Bundle...

You can also submit your final query letter for feedback from me.

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