Learning how to self-publish your book starts here...

Gone are the days where the gatekeepers of publishing could stop your book from entering the market + impacting the world...

Let's face it—you don't need an editor or agent to validate your book (and your worth). You know your story is good, and you know readers are going to absolutely fall in love with it.

You just need a way to get it out there to people!

Thanks to the modern era of platforms like Amazon KDP, Ingram Spark, and Kobo, getting your book published just the click of a finger (and a short, 72 hour wait) away...

...if you know what you're doing, that is!

That's why I've created The Self-Publishing Mini Bundle


Here's what's included...

Self-Publishing Walkthrough Masterclass

I'm going to cut right to it.

There is a LOT more involved in book publishing than just uploading your book file to Amazon.

But that is certainly one big part of it, and that's what my Self-Publishing Walkthrough Masterclass will walk you through doing.

I'm going to show you, step by step, what you need to do (and have) to make the whole publishing process a seamless and smooth experience, so that you can finally get your book out into the world!

(And best of all? You can follow along with me and complete all of these steps in under an hour!)

You'll walk away knowing:

  • How to upload your book to distribution platforms such as Amazon KDP, Ingram Spark, Kobo and Draft2Digital.
  • The essential on hand stuff you'll need prior to undergoing this process.
  • Costs and investments you can expect along the way.
  • Knowledge on how to price your book for retail, wholesale, consignment, etc.
  • Additional distributions options and avenues available to you.
  • AND—my favourite—a SUPER easy hack that will enable you to get into more bookstores and libraries without doing the same upload process over and over for each individual retailer!

12 Step Book Launch Strategy eBook

Did you know launching and publishing are two very different things?

The problem that I see the majority of brand new, indie authors make is that they fail to launch their book properly because they mistake launching for publishing. It's not just about putting your book on Amazon and expecting it to sell.

That's why I wrote this book, which breaks down the strategy behind successfully launching a book.

With this practical guide, you won't miss a single publishing step and will discover how to seamlessly integrate essential marketing actions into your publishing process.

You'll walk away knowing:

  • The difference between launches and evergreen marketing (and why you need both)
  • How to build out a customer buyer journey for your reader to set yourself up for long-term book launch (and career) success.
  • My tested and proven 12-step book launching process (straight from my live course) that has helped my clients to triple their book launch results.
  • How to find editors and cover designers, how to do cover reveals and get early reviews your book, as well as publicity tips (including how to get media coverage and host events.)

Book Launch Social Media Trello Board Template

Marketing for your book should start as soon as possible...

...and showing up consistently and regularly is super important to get your book known. But how often do you find yourself wondering what to post?

I created the Book Launch Social Media Trello Board to take the guesswork out of it!

This resource:

  • Has 6 months of content prompts leading up to launch day (with all the types of content you need to properly nurture readers and convert them into buying customers).
  • Is completely customisable--you can extend it for a 9 month book launch or condense it for a 3 month book launch.
  • Contains personal and author brand building content prompts PLUS behind the scenes content promps so that you can make the content calendar your own!

That's 37 individual content prompts PLUS 6 months worth of done-for-you post suggestions.

Everything included: 

  • A 1 hour, step-by-step walkthrough tutorial on how to self-publish your book and distribute it to bookstores.
  • Insider knowledge on all the essential things you'll need to have in order to make this a smooth and seamless process.
  • Definitions of confusing terminology you'll come across during the process regarding book rights, royalties and pricing (and explanations on how to navigate each one).
  • A breakdown of expected costs and insights about what book size, paper type and file formats to select as you go.
  • My super easy hack that will cut down your uploading + distribution time, so that you can make your books available in MORE places without doing more work.
  • A tested and proven book launch strategy to adapt and use for your own book launches.
  • Knowledge of how to go about each self-publishing and launch step.
  • A customisable launch planning template with 6 months worth of done-for-you post suggestions.

All of this for just $77


What authors are saying...

"This course held my hand and guided me through the publishing process. Pagan's guidance and down-to-earth personality made everything feel so easy."

- Jo Narayan, Author

"Highly recommend Pagan for anyone who is considering getting some expert knowledge behind them."

- R. S. Williams, Author

"Working with you upleveled my writing and publishing lifestyle x 1000! I would not have published Ember in July without your guidance. It would likely still not be out!"

- Rebecca K. Sampson, Author

You could spend months searching for all of this knowledge for free...

But do you know what I see most often in the online space?

Authors who skip publishing steps and then have to backtrack, spend more money, and go through all kinds of tech trouble to fix their mistakes.

Authors who spend hours wondering what to post and then feel frustated because they aren't getting anywhere with their marketing strategy.

Authors who sell a few books on release day and then never make another sale again because they didn't take the time to build the foundations of their sales process.

Authors who want to get their book into the hands of more readers but feel defeated because they invested so much time and money and nobody is picking up their book.

This is what happens when authors, who have no idea what they're doing, rely solely on free knowledge and expect it to get them to where they want to go.

I've worked in publishing houses and it still took me YEARS to learn everything I know about publishing that now enables me to support authors through this process.

Instead of selling a few books on release day and never making another sale again, my clients go on to sell three times as many books, exceed the average lifetime book sales in their first year, and become bestselling authors.

This bundle will set you on the right path to do the same.

My name's Pagan Malcolm...

...and I’m a bestselling author, copywriter, podcaster, speaker and business coach specialising in helping authors to understand the business side of publishing and sell out their book launches.

My failed book launch of 2016 is *exactly* what motivated me to start this business helping authors like you avoid the publishing mistakes I made when I first started out.

I've now published seven books, have been invited to speak internationally, been featured in 20+ publications and media, and have helped aspiring authors just like you to embark on their journey of authorship.

Your publishing dreams are possible, and they're not as difficult as you may think (and feel) that they are.

PSA: When you purchase The Self-Publishing Bundle...

You'll also receive $100 off for the next round of my live launch course.

(With this bundle, you can start publishing now with the basics.)

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