A 3 month, highly personalised coaching program to help you write and finish your book in 90 days or less.

You're SO ready to finally finish writing your book... but at the same time, it's not been a happening thing...

You're constantly trying to find time to sit down and make progress, but there's always a more pressing priority to take care of.

When you do find time, it's limited, and you spend most of it staring at a blank page trying to conjure the words to bring your next scene to life.

Not to mention how demotivated and tired you feel most days after working for 8+ hours, commuting, cooking, and running around after your kiddos. You can barely remember what you had for dinner, let alone immerse yourself in all the worldbuilding, characterisation and conflict your story demands from you.

At this rate, the book's never going to be finished, and you're just NOT okay with that because you KNOW this story is on your heart for a reason, and you're determined to get it out into the world!

As if all of that wasn't challenging enough... then there's the deliberating self-doubt weighing you down every step of the way.

You've got all your favourite books from well-known authors scattered around you, and you can't help comparing their words to yours.

You *know* something's missing from your work, but you can't quite put a finger on what it is... and worse, you don't even know how to go about improving it.

So you rewrite, revise and restart a million times, frustrated that you can't seem to find the right words or direction for your story.

And quite frankly? You're tired of going in circles. You're SO ready to finish this damn book! But at the same time, you want to feel good about what you're putting out into the world... and the simple truth is that you don't.

Trust me when I say I've experienced all of these things in my early days of writing...

But also trust me when I say that you already have the key to finishing your book, in the form of something that comes naturally to you:


When we tap into storytelling and integrate it with the craft of writing? Your stories will flow, the writing process will speed up, and you'll find it SO much easier to get words on the page.

In fact, I designed a unique approach to writing using storytelling that has *completely* transformed my own writing results:

  • It's how I've been able to have multiple 10k writing days in a row.
  • It's how I wrote my debut novel in just one week (for real!)
  • It's how I'm able to write 90% of my books in a month or less.
  • And it's how I've written 10 books (and published 8) in the past 5 years alone (even while running a full-time business.)

Storytelling allows me to run with my book ideas and get them out to market quickly.

It allows me to bypass the pressure to write a perfect first draft and *solely* tap into the elements of writing that light me up and make it feel fun again.

And it helps me get a first draft down quickly so that I can improve on it—because it's a LOT harder to perfect a blank page than it is to perfect a messy draft!

My unique approach to writing will help you tap into your own storytelling magic, ignite inspiration, and find your flow even during times when writing feels difficult and hard, so that you can finally bring your story vision to life in a flowy, feel good way.

Here's what you can expect:

  • An action plan for writing that is personalised to your current situation and feels achievable.
  • Direction and clarity around your story ideas so that you can run with them feeling fully motivated.
  • Feedback on your manuscript and guidance on how to improve and polish it for publication.
  • Private support to bounce ideas and questions so that you never feel stuck in your tracks.
  • Deep dive coaching to unlock and develop your own creative process that makes writing feel 10 x easier.

Whether you're trying to finish your very first book, or you feel immense pressure to deliver with a sequel, or you're stuck on the 18th revision of your latest WIP and just want to be done with it already...

...I'm ready to give you and your book my full focus and support for thr next 90 days.

Everything included in the program:

  • 1 x kickoff Storyteller Session to clarify the direction of your story, bust through any blocks and develop an actionable writing plan.
  • Bi-weekly coaching sessions where we will review your writing progress and work through anything coming up during your writing sessions.
  • 3 months of unlimited Voxer support to help you stay motivated and accountable with your writing progress. Plus, get your real-time writing questions answered.
  • Unlimited manuscript feedback during our time together. You can submit up to four chapters to me at a time and receive professional, critique-style feedback highlighting your strengths, weaknesses, and suggested improvements.
  • Access to my entire library of writing resources (including my self-paced writing course and my fundamental writing workshops.)

Investment: $1,975 (or 3 x monthly payments of $690)


(Note: due to the level of energy and focus I put into this type of coaching, spots are extremely limited)



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